• This is just a basic run down After you finish writing, you need to make several copies of the document. Then you take it to a lawyer or literary agent who will help shop it around to different publishers. Then you wait around until you almost have no hope left. Finally, someone calls you and says they want to publish you book. Those people set you up with an editor who will help you fine tune the book (spelling, grammar, facts, etc). After tons of fixing and rewriting, it goes to the layout and graphic artists who work on text font, paragraph spacing, cover, bio, and all that not so fun stuff. During all this time, the publisher and agent works on advertising an public relations. Basically, they get your name known a bit more before the book is printed.
  • Actually that's the title of my new book!
  • actully its quite easy to get a publisher, but when it comes to actully publishing, that can take years. Go to google, ask an adult at your school, anywhere, you can find a publisher quick, try and make sure u can just send your maniscript in, and have it published for free.
  • well, from what I know you send you manuscripts by mail
  • Always keep in mind...Publishers do not need US...WE need THEM. There are many of US out there attempting to gain the interest of almost every active Publisher available. KNOW YOUR PUBLISHER #1 Do not bother sending a query letter and summery of your book to a publisher who does not handle YOUR TYPE OF STORY. (circle file and note of your name that you are not the brightest crayon in the box for sending them something they do not handle will be noted) DO the annoying research to find out EXACTLY what the publisher wants in terms of the MARGINS, FONT STYLE AND SIZE, double spaced..of course always! Plain paper! Do find out the person and the correct spelling of their name and be sure you KNOW how to write a proper query letter and only send a short summery of the book with the query letter IF THEY REQUEST IT in their guidelines...some do, some prefer to read your query first and will then request the summery if they are interested. You do NOT have to kiss butt, you DO need to be both professional, and polite in your correspondence. DO NOT make statements such as..."you'll really love this story, or I'm going to make us both a lot of money." Some links you might find helpful: There are many, more "out there" that you might find useful. REMEMBER: NEVER PAY AN AGENT A "SIGNING ON" FEE. Only pay commission when a publishing advance or royalties are paid TO YOU.
  • You might want to consider publishing the book yourself. Self-publishing is another venue for writers to publish their book and gain control at the same time. There are lots of self-publishing companies out there that offer services that will cater to your book’s requirement. Xlibris is one of those companies that give you full control over design, content and marketing. Once you have submitted all your materials, a production team then will handle your book’s production until they will finally turn it into book form. Average publishing timeline is within two to three months and by that time, your book will already be available in market for sale. Now, publishing is one thing – selling your book is another. I hope this helps. More information here:
  • Go ahead and start writing, worry about that later.

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