• they could check their ID
  • For me personally I only found out who I am on my trip back up from rock-bottom...
  • I think we spend our time on earth looking for ourselves but no one ever really finds themselves. I think that is because everyday we change just a little bit by the lessons life teaches us. we only become complete at the end.
  • This is true. My friend Noelle had her name tatooed above her butt. She's pretty flexible and can look over her shoulder to see it in case she has a blonde moment. I like it because I know for certain if it's her from behind at the beach, thus avoiding certain embarassing situations.
  • When they are consistent in what they do whether it is at home, in the workplace, or in social situations. Where there is inconsistency, self-doubt is very evident.
  • Don't ask me, I still have no clue.
  • If you don't know "who" you are, then do a bunch of different things until you know what you can DO, then decide who you WANT to be and become that person. : ))
  • Simply observe... ...your "self".
  • This question could be placed under "Epistemology" since an other way to ask this question is to ask; How does a person know their AUTHENTIC SELF? THE AUTHENTIC SELF and what is not. I could write for days on just this topic. The following monograph is a very adult subject. The person, the composite of ego, neurology, hopes, dreams, visions of destiny, capacity to care (love), goes to make a person's presentation the the universe. Society has many features, attributes, and pseudo-demands that add layers to the person. These layers, such as, style of dress, need to advance, buy a BMW, select friend, golf, sports, etc can be so demanding as to be a cage rather than just a decorative layer on your presentation. To reveal your AUTHENTIC SELF a person needs to strip away all of the society imposed features, decorations, and behaviors that cage or impose restrictions to the you that you are seeking to reveal. [ Yes, I know that it seems like an extremely long sentence but it needed to be articulated. ] When you peal away all external decoration layers you may be surprised, relieved, or some such. BUT take a chance, go ahead, be kind to yourself. With the cage removed and the decorative layers removed, you can now choose the direction of growth that you wish. Let the Divine guide and inspire you. Be at peace. Submitted Ed Morse
  • I am a person of constant change...they call it reinventing oneself...but I don't look at it that way....I am just experiencing as much as I can with what little time we are given....
  • just think postive and rest will follow.
  • Deep. I think we see glimpses of ourselves when we're young. If we stay observant, test and trust those observations, over time we figure it out. If we only look to others and never look within, we can't know ourself very well.
  • why do you want to know who you are? youre never gonna meet yourself walking the other way, and if you did, that would be the end of all things. spend your time getting to know the people that aren't you
  • people tell them
  • I don't know who I am....I wonder if I ever least it gives me something to shoot for...
  • Same as B.fife, almost. I'm not quite finished with the trip yet, but it feels like I'm getting to know myself, and some memories I loved have started returning(amnesia); altogether, I know all will be well eventually, it has always worked out for me... Thinking forward it's quite annoying, if this is the mindset I get throughout childhood, I can get seriously fucked over when I get to my own life in a year or two.
  • It's not who we are ..... It's what we do that truely defines us ;)
  • One thing for sure, when your tested you learn about yourself. Another thing, gold has to be heated to get out the impurities.
  • I read the tag on my underwear.
  • ask a friend. they seem to know me.
  • By repeatedly testing oneself against the natural, social and cultural environments.
  • What does your drivers licence say? That's a start.
  • Look at how you treat and care for (or not) others. Check out your friends, that will tell you a whole lot about yourself. To start!!
  • they never do
  • People can search & search all they want but in the end they'll only end up with more questions. Asking..."Who am I?" completely subjective, it'll almost always change throughout life, so is there really an answer?
  • we're doing this project in art for almost six months to see who we are now and who we want to be in the future. it's a cool thing. :) it's an alter book project.
  • i say you do know who you are. i think there is no how to finding yourself. you just got to open your eyes and realize the person in the mirror is you. There is no how, you just know it.

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