• I don't :)
  • Where to begin? The hair, it has to be the hair. Sorry, I am not trying to be mean, I have nothing against emos. However, I have rarely seen a more unattractive hairstyle for guys than the typical emo one.
  • I think it's because emo's are over-emotional people and other's think it might be funny to play on that fact. I don't stereotype anyone, I'm just saying that that's an idea on what it might be.
  • Anyone who calls themselves something (like "emo", "hippie", "punk", "grunge" etc.) annoys me. It strikes me as self-righteous, and demonstrates a lack of individuality and identity. People should just be what they are, and not go out of their way to adopt trends and fads. I suppose it's inevitable for teenagers/early-20-somethings to do so, but it still annoys me. The majority of emo kids bug me because they act like nobody understands them (nothing new for teenagers of ANY generation), and that their feelings and problems are somehow more deep and complex than anyone else's.
  • Here is something an Emo might appreciate as they are usually rather intellectual. "Half the world laughs at the other half even though the lot are fools." "Do not exhibit your sore finger for everyone to bump up against." "Do not make yourself something hated, for all on its own, it will come naturally and soon enough." "Affectation is as distasteful to everybody else, as it is painful to him who decidedly practices it." "Never cry about your woes, To make lamentation only serves to discredit you." "Better a fool with the crowd than a wise man all alone." Balthasar Gracian. From: The Art of Worldly Wisdom. I think that Emo kids are smart, artistic and sensitive... Right brain reactors, with left brain intellectual abilities. In most cases... But you know, no matter what you are. Some kid somewhere is going to gang together against someone else no matter what they decide to be. That is just the ignorant mob rules way of the world. It is how people learn to gain power, it has been going on forever and being that I don't see anyone actually evolving any time soon... Just keep your chin up and try your best to ignore and avoid it when you are lucky.
  • First of all, I hate labels, they are stupid and ridiculous. Second of all, simply put: people are cruel. People have a desire to hurt one another and seem to take issue with those who are different. Those who are different make the best targets, often they won't have as many friends or be as well liked, many people will take a negative opinion of them simply because they do not fall in line and conform. Emos fit that description. They aren't typical, they aren't the norm, so people make fun of them, like many others who aren't the norm. I would know. I've never been normal in any way really, and I've never been safe from mocking and teasing. People just can't accept those who aren't the same. Personally, I think they don't try to understand and deliberately undervalue such people, think they are better, or are jealous of such people for being themselves, and that's why they make fun of them.
  • Because we're different. We act different than the "preps." And unfortunatly, the "preps" are the ones who generally make the worst labels.
  • Isn't the definition of ''emo'' (Emotion.) kind of an oxymoron? Could there BE anymore of a blatant call for attention? To each his own of course, and the style is kind of interesting and cute in a funny way, but I don't like how Emos overshadow other teenagers who really DO feel suicidal and need REAL help. And if they're so depressed and gloomy why do they all enjoy cheap anime and play Kingdom Hearts? I don't get it, but the superficiality of this genre makes my stomach churn, and is primarily defined by how fake it all is. Real sorrow and pain isn't anything like what they portray. If you have enough time in the morning to get ready with your outfit, then you're not depressed. I'm trying to keep an open mind, but pretences I really don't like, and this entire genre and its weak Goth adopted culture make me raise my eyebrow. It's not like what I just said is a big revelation, although granted, there are much more mature ways to deal with it then mocking them...but at least it gives you something to fill up those empty emotions you wave around. :/ On the other hand all teenagers are in emotional turmoil, so I should really just accept this as a means of expression, and a healthier one then would be the substitute if they didn't have the genre to congregate with and be happy with.
  • cause its easy... way to easy...
  • Because as large, flightless birds, they are rather funny-looking. Oh wait, maybe that's "emus." :o)
  • I was referring to my own comment and talking to myself really... No biggie. LOL.. I do that sometimes.

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