• Don't complain about either. I just cannot understand why trolls have to do what they do. So complain and understand are two different things.
  • It is the way they do it, Symbeline...not having to give a reason or making a contribution of their own, like a simple comment.
  • People here do care about points and trolls, points especially. I learned that the hard way.
  • I do not know. Good question.
  • Personally, I care about the points and trolls - Not enough to WORRY about them, unless they hit friends of mine (or me). But my main purpose when I started, and even now, is to help people. If I get the points, COOL. If not, oh, well. As for the trolls, it bothers a lot of people I care about, so, in that respect, it bothers me. Of course, it bothers me, also, when I've made a good answer, and someone DRs it without explanation. So I will comment on it. Does it bother me from that point on? No... I've released what little anger I still had at the DRer by pointing out in the comment that the DR was absurd or didn't make any sense. And, I don't recall having complained about points and trolls (except as noted above) for a LONG time. ;-)
  • Yeah, I noticed that, too... I understand being annoyed by trolls, but everyone says points don't matter -- and then go on about negative points and how no one should give themk out or something.
  • It only bothers me when I see them gaining up on any AB FRIENDS of mine who gives good answers. And ask good questions. I've lost contact with a few GREAT AB FRIENDS out here do to this. And I don't want to see anymore leave because of it.......Just my point of view tho...................M.C.S.
  • I think there are about 490,000 users now. I think there's a good chance that most of them have had no or very few encounters with trolls. I'd say that most of their feelings about trolls are unknown to us. If most of them were being trolled it could either mean that are about 250,000 trolls here or perhaps 125,000 of them who are trolling 24/7. ;) I tend to believe my first 3 suppositions. Perhaps most people who do get seriously trolled or have empathy for those who do will protest it, but I don't remember any of them saying that they don't care about trolls. However, the absence of proof in what I've seen isn't necessarily proof that it's absent. ;) I've seen very few people complain about points here but given the number of AB posts, it's possible that we've seen different sets of posts with little overlap for common reference.
  • I agree that most baggers don't really care about the points and trolls. However, that doesn't mean that we don't get irritated by RUDE behavior. Which is what a DR without a comment is and most certainly what LOTS of DRs without comments are. I guess you could say that I complain because I don't get any constructive feedback from a troll. What's the point in DRing someone you don't agree with if you won't share the reason(s) why?.
  • Because the site is rife with hypocrisy. 95% of people do care about points Levels , Ranks and Trolls down rating them. They just do not like to admit the fact.
  • I like points, gee, who wants to stay at level one? I don't like trolls, they are just mean and go around downrating answers for the fun of it, or if they don't like you, ( how can you dislike someone you don't even know, that's what gets me), or they disagree with your opinion. I think their idiots. I'll be dr.d for that:D
  • we all have our breaking points

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