• I still have all my daughters upstairs in her room. It's not "hers" anymore, but I keep her things ffrom childhood in there, I miss them because i miss the little girl she once was:)
  • All the time. I had a few my little pony's that I played with in the bathtub, so I think those got thrown away - they started to smell =[ We recently bought Fraggle Rock on DVD though!
  • Definitely the Muppets and Fraggle Rock. And I really miss shows like Eureka's Castle, Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Under The Umbrella Tree, and Quack Attack...even though I think the last one aired in the early 90s. Those were great shows.
  • Yes, the shows (too many to list) not the toys though
  • Growing Pains!
  • I miss the muppet show - -the great gonzo was such a role model for my life, i strive for his greatness

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