• Definitley. i knew this girl with huge boobs who had been taking the pill for years. the moment she went off it they reduced by 2 cup sizes
  • It can make you gain weight in turn that makes your breast grow.
  • I pull out my partner every time and it doesn't appear to make her boobs grow LoL
  • Hmm I get a lot of conflicting answers. Some health experts say no, some say yes. All I know is that my boyfriend and I have noticed that my boobs have gotten bigger ever since going on the pill (I'm almost done my third month). I know I'm not pregnant, and I haven't gained a lot of weight (other than in my breast area), so I'm assuming that it is the pill that caused it. I'm 19 so I'm guessing that the growth isn't due to puberty LOL
  • I guess it would depend on the type of birth control. For example, I don't see that abstanence would do much for boob growth.

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