• Like when someone types three instead of there?
  • I think it's getting worse with the internet. Now we just type and send often without thinking. Then there is me, a notorious bad speller.
  • When I see "Your Welcome" it IS slightly irritating. Poor grammar is mildly annoying but it passes. I think there have always been bad spellers out there, it just comes to light more frequently now in this technology dominated society. There are so many places to make mistakes. Texts, emails, posts... bad spellers are not as well hidden on the net. You really do need to pay attention in English 101 to type correctly these days!
  • Yes! This kind of stuff is my pet peeve. I'm not a grammar snob or anything, but I cringe when I see it. The one that really annoys me is when people use apostrophe S to form the plural of words. Some people put an apostrophe on practically every S they see! However, I don't think people are getting dumber...grammar is a difficult subject to teach, and students' attention spans are getting shorter. We all remember sitting in a grade-school classroom, memorizing rule after's hard to keep a student's interest in an environment like that.
  • No,it doesnt, I think people that get offended over stupid crap like that, are anal. Most dont see a need to be 100% correct all the time, unless maybe they are OCD or controlling. No they are not getting dumber. But some are getting self righteous.
  • It is very sad to see the poor grammar and spelling. It even seems like people get mad if someone suggests they should correct it.
  • no, no...YOUR* means *YOUR SHOE*, YOU RE is the abriviation of *YOU ARE*, THEIR* means their name, or their house, THEY RE is letting people know that *THESE PEOPLE* are going to the store...---THEY RE going to the store.. if anything they have more education, its just how most pplz speak.. depending on how they were raised...
  • it bothers me.. but i know people aren't stupid when they write them that way.. they're either in a hurry or just don't care because they're typing to th
  • I don't think people are getting dumber. In fact, there is some research to indicate that people are actually getting smarter (i.e. their brains are more capable of dealing with larger amounts of input). What I think has changed is that proper grammar and spelling were far more valued by our educational system and society in the past. As our mass-media instant-communication culture has legitimized everything from urban street slang to 'text-speak', people have fallen out of the habit of using proper English. Furthermore, this process becomes self-perpetuating. If 20 of your friends consider "Hey U wot r ur plans 4 2nite?" perfectly acceptable, but your English teacher does not, to whom are you going to listen? . . .
  • Yeah like when people spell there as three lol!! Some people, like myself and obviously you too, are too quick at typing and not quick enough at proofreading. Sure, many people get things wrong, but I think most things are just written too quickly.
  • I think a lot of them are just plain lazy.
  • Blame the parents.
  • no no... it would have to be YOUR HOT SANDWICH, or YOURE WELCOME, as in YOU ARE WELCOME... things like that... look in the dictionary. THEY ARE GOING TO THE STORE... or THERE ARE SOME APPLES IN THE BOWL... for example....
  • No it doesnt bother me. And when i do it its not out of stupidity its just because im lazy.
  • No, I don't believe people are becoming dumber. I do however, feel more people are becoming critics. A variety of people use AB. They are young,old,men, women,teens etc.Some are in the process of getting an education, while others have already achieved theirs.We are all members of Answerbag,regardless of our education.Some of us may be better at spelling, some may have a better grasp of the English language, while others may be in too much of a hurry to check their answers. For whatever the reason, we all make mistakes. If improper use of grammer infuriates you,maybe you should join a site where no one makes mistakes. Good luck!
  • Absolutely not! I'm about as careful as they come and I still find typos when I go back and read MY comments that can no longer be corrected. Sure I groan, but it happens. Let it go! The most common mistakes ARE the ones involving your vs. you're, that vs. they, to vs. too. It is simply because I am tired, typing fast, etc. I assure you that I and other users are not getting dumber. I usually learn something new on this site each week.
  • If you confuse YOUR and YOU'RE then YOU'RE going to fail English class which will go on YOUR permanent record! Of course, you probably don't care whether you fail or not because YOU'RE the very model of a mindless modern moron who will still probably make it through college and land a decent paying job regardless of YOUR poor grasp of the English language and general lack of any class or intelligence.:D
  • 9-12-2017 There is no reason for you to have any emotional response at all. It is just a harmless mistrake.

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