• I rarely use them for 'just soup'. I tend to cook them in their flavor packet and dish them up without the broth as a side to a meat and veg dish, or sometimes mixed with veg and meat - even gravy. I treat Ramen like potatoes or rice.
  • We crumble them up and put them on salad.
  • I just bought a book "101 recipes with Ramen Noodles" so I'm sure it will be interesting to see what all I can do with them. My kids love them and we have always just eaten it as soup.
  • 9-4-2017 Boil the noodles and mix the sodium packet with one or two eggs. Strain the noodles and fry them on one side with plenty of oil. Pour the egg mixture on, turn, and fry on the other side. Or fry everything in a waffle iron. Youtube has dozens of recipes.
  • Hmm! Try something like spaghetti and make a curry sauce! Forget the Parmigiano LOL

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