• I let everyone I know that I was interested in adopting. They let people in other states know, and even Mexico! I finally found someone that had a little girl, and I adopted her. Best of luck to you! :)
  • Thats a noble thing and a hard road to travel in getting a child while being single. Many will tell you it is a mistake to try and raise a child alone. You may be denied several times but if you keep trying it will all pay off.
  • Well, 21 hours ago you were trying to find out how you could get your boyfriend to trust you again... so I would say ''sort your relationships out'' before even going any further with adoption. The children who are up for adoption usually come from very unstable and abusive pasts (unless you adopt a newborn baby, of course) -- stability is very important and something adoption agencies and social workers will want to make sure you can provide. Other than that, you'll also need a home of your own, most likely, either rented or owned.
  • Wait.For a long time.You just got out of a hard relationship. You need time to be you!
  • Single? :( Well, if you want to save a child from a miserable existence, Romanian orphanages might be a good place to start.. many of the kids there are having an absolutely horrible life and are kept almost as animals.. Other than that, I can't help you much, I understand if you would rather adopt a kid who has been living under more humane conditions. I hope this doesn't mean you've given completely up on your plans to have kids one day :(
  • Make sure you have the full support of your friends and family. It takes a lot of people to raise a child.
  • Wow Sara. How soon do you want to do this?
  • Adopted a child with a partner who will be there always. Its a hugh undertaking. My wife and I looked into it. You don't have to go through the pregnancy and delivery, but the paper work and legal hoops to jump through will make you feel like you just bought a used car from..."Denny the dandy car dealer". Then there is the out of country adoptions, in which case each country has different standards and requirements...
  • No advice but best wishes!
  • Don't even THINK about adopting from China unless you're married. Yep, that's my advice. Oh, and as a mother, let me just tell you it's much easier to raise a kid when you've got someone else to help you.
  • hi, sara, babieeeeeeeee ... that's so sweet of you ... ^_^ ... yep best wishes cuz you got a really big heart ^_^ ... yay!
  • You can adopt me
  • I'm assuming you are American and if you are please adopt a child from this country.
  • Make sure that you have your family's full support & hire an attorney !!
  • Hello, no problem with that. I'm also a single and successfully adopted my little girl from an orphanage in africa. If you would be interested, then check out this link They have children of different ethnic groups.
  • It's very important to be financially stable when you adopt ... but not any less important if you are willing to give up your free life style, another words make sacrifices. Also you must give a child plenty of love and be very very patient. If you think you honestly possess these qualities you are ready to adopt. I am talking from my own experience of the adoptive mother. I am not a single mother but those qualities apply to everybody regardless.
  • I was adopted when I was three. The only thing I ever wanted was to be loved by my parents. I was adopted by two people that never should have been able to adopt. They divorced shortly after I was adopted. My adoptive mother always said, "I wish I never adopted you " when she was angry. Some things that I would urge any parent that wants to adopt. Just love your kids. Be open about "adoption" and tell your child that you "love them". I hated when people would say, "you are so special to be wanted" I could never relate to that phrase because all I could compare it to was when my adoptive mother would say, "I could have gone to Europe instead of adopting you" Or my adoptive father saying "We really wanted a son but you were the only one we could have for your sister". Yeah I felt really "special"
  • Be a foster parent. Not only will that open the door for adoption and get kids in your home that could come up for adoption, but will also give you first hand experiance with being a parent and learn what kind of child might be placed in your home. And when you adopt a foster child, you do not have to pay the expence of the adoption. So you can save that 30k you mentioned for buying them a car when they are 16 or for school and what not.
  • Do it. There are so many kids out there that need people to love and raise them.
  • No way should a single women/man be allowed to adopt a kid. That's just child abuse. Same with gays and lesbians. There's a reason why you can't have kids asexually, and there's a reason why gays and lesbos can't have kid naturally....
  • Why would you not like to espouse the child(ren)'s father too?
  • Definatley do your research thats for sure and also realize that in some states it is very difficult to adopt a child if your not married. good luck to you

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