• Have a saddlefitting person check out your saddle. Illfitting saddles can cause bucking. If everything is Ok in that department see a vet or a horsetrainer. Could also be that he needs to work of exces energy, I've ridden a horse I'd let run free in the riding arena before saddling him, looked like he was practising for a rodeo that one.
  • yes i would agree with the saddle fit as well. and make sure all the tack fits well.Also make sure there isnt any debris on the saddle pad. it needs to be smooth and non irritating. Also being as he knows if he bucks with you on that he can get rid of you when he pleases. that is going to make for a tough ride.let him know that no you are not leaving and yes you are going for a ride. Just make sure that when you are in the saddle with him to keep a calm but firm additude! i beleive additude has to do with everything and has helped me through simular problems.Dont let them know you are afraid! My questions are , does he buck everytime you ride him? is it only when you canter or trot? Its always a good idea to do some ground work with the horse. build up your relationship. Talk to your horse as well when you ride him. let him know he is doing good or if he does something that isnt acceptable. You deffinatley have to let them know who is boss. because his behavior is dangerous i would recomend a trainer or professional to help out. Just be safe and be smart. better to get help then get in a bad situation. Always have a person with you when riding. Good luck!
  • First you need to figure out why your horse bucks. IS it from ill-fitting tack? Is it too much energy? He's just happy? Are you using the aids wrong? Does he just not like a rider up there? Then you can address the problem. There is more than likely some indication that he is going to start bucking, so that is when you need to prevent him from doing it. You need to disengage those hindquarters in some way. Often if you turn and lift a horses head with one rein, it is enough to keep him from bucking. Be sure to also keep him moving, no standing still. Do it often enough and he will give it up. As long as a horse's head is up it cannot buck or if his head is turned to the side against your leg, it can't buck. You could ground drive him to get some of the energy down and teach him to give his head to you one way or the other, completely in preparation for you to do it astride. It will teach him flexibility and giving to the aids as well.
  • 3-2-2017 They used to hitch a horse like that to a harvester. There is nothing the horse could do except push, and after a day's work they had the best riding horse. The method never became popular because cowboys resented a "machine broke horse".

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