• pretty much the same as you do. I enjoy when others behave grown up. It reminds me of my niece Jessica when she was little. I hated baby talk and would try to get her to speak clear words. Asking for water instead of wawa. Everyone thought I was behaving too grown up until Jessica started using real words. The cuteness was even more so when she finally use the right words because she would almost shout them when she say them. Her mother asked if she wanted some wawa and Jessica placed her hand ever so gently over her mothers mouth and shook her head and said no WATER removed her hand and smiled.
  • I think that everyone, even grownups act childish from time to time. I know I have. And, I can remember when my grown children or husband were in the adult mode and brought me back to my senses.
  • A true grownup is consistently mature. True maturity means that the behaviors and reactions rise to meet any situation.
  • It lights me up, I love it. My boys do that to me, from time to time, it makes me proud.
  • what do you mean by grownup?
  • I agree.

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