• I think due to the infection being in such a sensitive area on your dog it would probably be better to take it to the vet so they can diagnose it properly. There are several different eye infections that dogs can get so in order to be able to treat it you need to first know what it is. Once it has been diagnosed the vet may then be able to advise treatment you can give at home. However with an infection you may well need antibiotics to clear it up. At home treatment may be able to ease the symptoms but perhaps not the underlying cause. Hope this helps and hope your dog is ok.
  • At you can order Terramycin Eye ointment for dogs its an antibiotic eye cream it less than $10.00. jusr rinse your dogs eye out with saline. Put a bit of terramycin on your finger (wash hand first) then put it on the inside of the eyelid and hold your dog eye closed for a sec. That sould work if it doesn't clear up in a few days take your dog to the VET.

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