• speeding and not wearing a seat belt (this law is completely ridiculous).. the government has NO business DEMANDING that I wear a seat belt. If it's my time, it's my time and no seat belt is going to stop fate.
  • Jaywalking ... I will pause and take some time to verify that it is safe to cross before I break this law ... I think it should be altered to say something about safe/unsafe to cross instead of with light or against light.
  • Speeding ;)
  • Coming to a complete stop at a stop sign I usually roll it ;)!! Turning right at a red Light;)
  • I don't enjoy breaking the law, but if you don't travel with the flow of traffic, you are a safety hazard. The speed limit has to be one of the most broken laws, but I wouldn't drive at all, if they weren't there.
  • talking on your cellphone while you are driving!!
  • I don't break many laws aside from jaywalking (FREEZE, JAYWALKER!! lol) or maybe spitting in public if something gross comes up, but since this is in a Beavis and Butthead section, I would gladly abolish television standard laws and whatever rights censorship thrives on. Mike Judge said it best; to have cable and pay the bills for it, one needs be a responsible and mature person. So how come all those people who got upset and angry at B&B weren't mature or responsible enough to turn off the television instead of letting their young ones watch the show and then send angry letters to MTV?
  • Oh, like I am going to give an honest answer to this. I recognize a police sting when I see one. Nyah, Nyah.
  • Smoking marijuana. Legalize it already and fight the real war on drugs already. Duh!
  • Well when I lived in France I would always pee in public and would fell guilty about it. Then one day I saw some Gendarms peeing against a wall in broad daylight and not even trying to hide the fact. Ever since then I have been peeing everywhere in public and don`t even try to hide the fact that I am doing so.
  • Jay Walking. I have to park across the street sometimes because the parking in my neighborhood is really bad. In order to cross at the cross walk, I would have to walk a block in the wrong direction, rather then just cross the street. I'm not going to be an idiot about it. I always wait and then cross when it's safe. I'm not going to run out in to traffic or anything.
  • Paying taxes for stupid stuff like "wars" and being forced to pay for & have insurance that is just another way of grabbing money out of your pocket!

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