• I think most people only rate positively or not at all, rather than rating negatively.
  • Maybe they are afraid of having others move up in rank, and view the site as a "game".
  • I just plain forget sometimes, but I took the liberty of rating yours!!!
  • well because sometimes you just forget to be honest or if your computer is rinning slow the last thing you are thinking about is giving someone some points but i will say this if you have a good answer people will rate it!!!
  • I usually try to rate the question, but sometimes I must admit I forget. If I notice it later, I go back and give the points, though.
  • You shouldn't be so caught up in the ratings. You should be asking questions to get answers not ratings. If you're asking just for the ratings, you're on this site for the wrong reasons, and shouldn't be here at all. It's called Answerbag, not Ratingbag.
  • I like to think that most times people just forget, but checking their profiles can give you an idea of their rating habits.
  • I think when people Comment and tell you it is a good answer most of them genuinely forget. There are a few people that admit they never rate questions or answers. There are also those that just ask questions to gain points and never even bother to read the answers. if the same person continuously does not rate your answers check their percentages that will give you some idea. If it upsets you then you can just avoid answering their questions.
  • I think it depends on what you as a user want to get out of the site; I try to remember to rate, because I definitely do appreciate input and answers but I don't really give much thought to the points, I like the site for the content more than the scoreboard.
  • Sometimes they forget. I usually don't comment if I uprate a reply or a question unless I really have a lot of time. It is a shame because I would like to make more comments but it's a big site and I only have time to barely scratch the surface.
  • with me i just forget to do it

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