• People are going to tell you this over and over again, and it may take years before you start to really consider it: the problem is not your height, it's your attitude about it. To repeat: your height isn't a problem, and there's also not much you can do about it. The only thing you have some power about is your attitude. (I would repeat again, but that's rather tedious, no?) If you allow other people to define who you are by worrying about what they say on this topic, you're missing the point -- it's up to you to define who you are, and stand up for that. If you learn to be yourself, and accept the things you can't change, they will stop being a problem.
  • Being short could be seen as an advantage. Better than fat or ugly. Petit women are usually hot & they might want a short dude.
  • Look dude, I was about maybe a little under 4' 11" when I went into sixth grade. I was dead short, but after summer brake BOOM! I grew all the way to 5' 4". You may not be Shaq, but I can tell you that chicks love the small confident guys
  • Great words StableBoy. I have a son who is like 6'1" and my oldest is short like 5'8" on a good day. His height was never an issue, and he is married to a beautiful woman. He has confidence, and refuses to be anything other than successful. Funny, when my sons were teens, my oldest got more dates. Its all the way you feel inside about yourself. Confidence goes a long way.
  • You just say "Some men are measured from the neck up, and some from the neck down."
  • man i got this problem too, everyone always mentions about my height. something always has to be related to my height even though i know that they didnt mean any harm but still... its annoying and I don't like it... And some of my friends know it... Some laugh at me bcuz im short, but they just playing with me. I don't have any hard feelings about it. I just tell them to shut up. lol in a joking way. But maybe I should say something back to make them stop haha... Well I once asked my friend if I was really short? And told me that He seen shorter people than me thats probably older than me and being short is not a crime you know. I know some people who are older than me thats shorter than I am. Just right now my friend is laughing at me height. Even my family does. My aunt even asked if I can reach the pedal on the car which is offensive to me. Short people should take a stand for it and not be ashamed of who they are. So no one will laugh at us and humiliate us.

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