• They were bound by honor and treaty to do so. They knew Hitler had to be stopped, but of course quailed at the prospect of attacking Germany. Germany obviously didn't just want a return to the 1918 borders.
    • Army Veteran
      Stopped from doing what?
  • History has proven that Germany had no intention at stopping her expansion at the Sudatenland. Whenever was Moscow, Prague and Paris part of Germany?
    • mushroom
      "I don't want war! All I want is peace...peace...peace...! A little piece of Poland, A little piece of France, A little piece of Austria And Hungary, perchance! A little slice of Turkey And all that that entails, And then a bit of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales!" --Mel Brooks "The Producers"
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      If Hitler had no intention of stopping expansion at the Sudetenland, why did he not go after all of Czechoslovakia while he was at it?
  • Everyone knew it was just a pretense to their expansion plans in Europe. As history proved, Hitler was not satisfied with Poland, Czech, or anything but total conquest.
  • Britain didn't declare war on Germany until Hitler invaded Poland.
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      Britain, under Zionist influence, was the one who wanted war with Germany, but they had no justification to declare war. The alliance they made with Poland to come to their aid was only to give Poland a false sense of power so that they would provoke an attack from Hitler. Britain never intended to honor the agreement - it was just to justify declaring war on Germany.
  • In 1938 Hitler promised he would not take any more land after the Sudetenland. In early 1939 Hitler invaded the rest of Czechoslovakia. If teh allies let Hitler have the Polish Corridor he would have invaded the rest of Poland anyway. everyone knew in 1939 Hitler would not stop until he ruled the world. So thats we we had to put a stop to him.
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      Actually, All Hitler wanted from Poland was a mile-wide easement so he could support and protect Danzig and East Prussia.
  • don't know, might have little something to do with gasing vast amounts of jews
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      The Jews had nothing to do with Britain declaring war on Germany.
  • For the same reason, I suppose, that the UK will not ngeotiate the sovereignty of the Falkland Isles with Argentina. Too much blood has already been spilt to allow a defeated oppressor to get what it wants too easily.
  • I think it was the aspirations of the Nazis that forced the move, it was quite obvious that Germany was not going to stay put with reclaiming real estate.
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      If Hitler was so interested in taking over other countries, why did he settle for just the Sudetenland - why not take over all of Czechoslovakia while he was at it?
  • They weren't ready to give it up. Besides, it's pretty naive to thing that is all Germany "just wanted."
  • No do-overs when it comes to world wars.
  • Because they knew Hitler would not be paying his gas bill? More seriously though. Germany was in the wrong from the start. You've got nothing to hold up which says anything different.
  • Lol you know how to bait a question, don't you! Well played!
  • Wow. Hitlerjugend in 2017? I thought you guys had wised up by now. Are you an illiterate from NSDAP or Adolph Hitler School?
  • A good question considering France had just signed a Non-Aggression Pact with Germany in 1938. Britain wanted war with Germany even before Germany invaded Poland. This was evident by the way Churchill treated Chamberlain after Chamberlain successfully avoided a conflict between Germany and Czechoslovakia in 1938 (Munich Agreement). Churchill chided Chamberlain for "appeasing" Germany. However, Britain wasn't just going to launch an all-out attack on Germany - they had to justify it by making Germany appear to be the aggressor. They did this by tapping into the vanity of Poland's leader Edward Rydz Smigly who was a warmonger thirsty for German blood but without the strength to attack on his own. Britain gave him false assurances of support with the Anglo-Polish Pact to manipulate Rydz Smigly to provoke Germany into an attack. The moment Hitler responded, Britain had the justification they needed to declare war on Germany.
  • Because it was part of hitler's master plan to rule the world and he had to be stopped.
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      If you want to see a "master plan to rule the world", look no further than the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion". Hitler never wanted to rule the world.

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