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  • yes its totally ok, it always has been and will be. its the once most important choice that no one can take from you a death by suicide is an honorable one in many cases
  • I suppose if you were in pain, with no hope whatsoever of improvement, then it's understandable. Otherwise, things could always get better.
  • Suicide is never ok, there is always a way, while there is life there is a way, and getting close to God will help you cope with whatever is wrong
  • yes. for people with terminal diseases that are suffering greatly, and have no obligations, assisting with a suicide is the merciful, selfless decision.
  • i'm not the judge!!! the church says its wrong. while its always been determined to be wrong, it was most vociferously argued in the renaissance period, as europe was trying to re-build its population from the plague and it was afraid of more islamic wars... and the church needed warm bodies. almost every state law says its illegal. but, obviously, no one who'se been successful has ever been charged!!! those who try and are brought to the attention of the state, they're usually immediately psychiatrically treated. personally, i think that, yes, there are times when suicide is ok. i think its hard for me to know the hell that someone else might be experiencing. i believe that folks ought to undergo psychological evaluation, competency evaluation, etc. in the case of folks with chronic illness, especially when pain killers are not providing relief anymore, we, as a society, ought to honor the requests of those persons. while teen suicide is the most tragic, for, as a society, we see all of the potential lost, another group that is seldom addressed but has a much higher suicide rate, is the elderly. they've lost their parents, some siblings, a partner, their health, their profession or vocation ... how many losses can that person withstand? is there any possibility that we can make something good out of such serious devastation? sometimes, yes.
  • No, I don't think it's ok. Is it OK to leave your child behind? I think people who commit suicide are selfish. When you leave this world by killing yourself, you're also hurting people who love you.
  • Tough question, I think if someone has a terminal illness and there is no hope of a cure then for their own sake it has to be okay, BUT I know 2 people that killed themselves whilst in their prime, neither of them left a note for their families and the grief and devastation this caused is still ongoing now, both Mothers blame themselves as do a sister and several friends... (R.I.P Carl & Alan xx)
  • Almost every aspect of our life is controlled by someone: the boss, the parent, the government.. the decision of whether to live or die is my decision and my decision alone. it's nobody elses and unless you have been suicidal you do not understand what it's like to be there and be totally in despair. I think that anyone who expects a suicidal person to "stick it out" just so they don't have to grieve is being selfish. you can DR me all you won't bother me. When people die families grieve life goes on but when a person sees no hope and they just "take up space" every day, their life isn't a life.. it's a living Hel l. constantly every day
  • No. The person attempting it does try to justify it but, from experience one ussually will regret (if unable for any reason to actually do it/complete the suicide), and one may redeem onesself if you are open to change and growth. There is a lesson in every situation. Unless the person is not in a sane state of mind where they are in control.
  • Yes. If the person committing it believes it is justified, then I think it is. People often say that suicide is for cowards, but it takes a lot, and i mean a lot, of bravery to commit the act, or even try. i think that there are many reasons for suicide that are justified in themselves. someone gave me the example just the other night that if they were told they were getting dementia, then that was a good reason right there. Also about the religious aspect of it, I do not believe that people who take their own lives go to hell. suicide may cause other people pain, but yes, it is justified.
  • MY OPINION ONLY: Yes, there are extreme situations when killing oneself is justified. Quality of health and life is an example. If I know that I am dying and it will be horrid, I would like the right to control that.
  • No, suicide is not justified. The person committing it is just taking the easy way out. It's easier to just die, than it is to deal with your problems and own up to any wrong doings you have committed. Suicide is for the weak of heart. I've known a couple people who committed suicide and I've seen what it did to their families. Suicide is stupid and selfish. "Why deal with whatever bad things are going on in your life when you can just die?" That's their thinking and it's stupid. There is always a resolve to every problem, you just have to work at it and ask for help if you need it. There is always people to help. Suicide is an unforgivable sin and those who commit it go to Hell because God does not want people taking their own lives. He will never give you more than you can handle, so those you thin life is so bad they need to die are wrong because God wouldn't give them more than they can handle and they're just taking he easy way out so they don't have to deal with their problems.
  • If someone has a terminal illness and life is constant pain and there is no light at the end of the proverbial tunnel then yes it is.
  • NO, I don't believe suicide is justified, it is a permanent solution, to a temporary problem, in most cases. I believe in euthanasia. A terminally ill person should have the right to make the decision if they want to continue on living or not.
  • Justified? I'm not sure. I think the damage it does to your loved ones probably would never make it justified, but, there are some situations in which I can (somewhat) understand it. Having become close friends with pain, I do know that there can come a point where it just gets to be too much. I've had kin die of cancer (in extremely severe pain), and it is not pretty. And, I've known a few suicide victims. One was terribly abused as a child, and just couldn't live with it. And, I agree with "Kitty", in that some people are so tortured, they may not be thinking clearly at the time. I am a Christian, and I do not believe suicide is a sentence to hell. We can never know what these people, (or anyone), has to live with or what they are going thru, unless we walk many miles in their shoes.
  • Having a son who took his own life,3 yrs ago,I can tell you honestly that sometimes the pain of living is greater than the fear of dying.My son was a strong(physically and emotionally)person who gave so much to others all the time, that he had nothing left for himself.He was a truly great person-loving,kind,strong,generous and loyal. But too many people took advantage of it,and he could not get up to fight any longer.He regretted what he knew it would do to me though, he told me.I was with him when he passed.I understand his decision,though it is hard for me.I am just glad that his pain is over.
  • First of all, I already told you that we did try to help my son.You seem to ignore that.Secondly,you ask why I am grieving and can still justify my son's decision.I justify it because he was NOT in his right mind,or able to rationalize.I grieve because I am his mother,and even though I understand why he decided to end his life,I still love and miss him.That is not hard to understand.I feel that you are perched dangerously high on your pedestal of righteousness and it is a long fall down.You do NOT sound like a Christian to me,but rather a rigid 'sheeple' of the church.We are interperating the Bible differently.I see my God as understanding,you do not.Sad.
  • its never justified, theres never a reason to ever kill yourself... its like you struggle through life and cant take it so you what... take the easy way out... grow up and live, theres people that have it worse off than you and are still living each day to its fullest, you only live life once, theres no reason to end it any sooner then its meant to end.
  • touch question...My older cousin killd himself because he was tired of being "burdon" to his family...he had cromes disease and was in horrible health. He also an 8 year old son at the time he killed himself...I felt bad for the kid but I can understand why he killed himself.... Im not saying its right or wrong but I can atleast understand why he did it...<br> <br> On the other hand my friend from elementry school killed himself the other day...19 year old baseball star whom everyone loved...I dont know what his problem was but this one I do not understand nore do I think its justified...his problem would have worked itself out had he of just waited long enough...
  • I will just say..speaking from someone who has attempted suicide many times. NOBODY has a right to judge me until you have walked in my shoes. It is not for anyone to tell me or anyone who is suicidal whether it is right nor wrong. That is a personal decision. I personally feel that anyone who wants a suicidal person to hang around to keep them from "grieving" is being selfish. Before you judge someone just remember that you do NOT know the thoughts or the circumstances in that person's life and you have NO right to tell them that someone else's problems are worse then theirs because a suicidal person does not think that or give a shit. If you want to drive a suicidal person over the edge more, tell them that there problems are not nearly as important as someone elses. and NOBODY has the right to tell anyone they will go to Hell. NObody knows that for sure and I don't believe in all that mess and that is the last thing a suicidal person needs to hear is a person being judgemental
  • No, for a life is not owned by the person who lives it. It is a gift, and it is not to be discarded ever.
  • I would only kill myself if someone had kidnapped me and was tourchering me like in Saw or something like that. I wouldn't give them the satisfaction of killing me. Although, I would try to get away first.
  • ABSOLUTLY!!! if you do not like you life then end it. it isn't going to get any better. has it gotten any better over the past 10 years? PS, please give me negative points
  • Does it need to be? Ultimately, it's their life to end, and while their choice to end it does have impact on others, others do not have a right to stop them, because however much stake they may have in the person's life due to the impact their death would have, they could *Never* have more right to decide for the person the person does themselves. There's a reason it's called "Their Life", because ultimately, it belongs to them, not their friends or family, not the government, *Them*. And while suicide is almost always a poor choice, it's still a choice that one has the basic, unalienable right to make.
  • ok cuz this stupid thing wont let me use the comment for some reason heres my response to your comment TAPriceCTR since when is money the only thing that makes life worth living...? Hell if you wanna look at it that way then whoever isnt a millionare why dont you just go and kill yourself... go on... you dont have money... boo freaking who.. get a better job or another job, pay off your bills, enjoy your life. stop bitching about not having enough money and enjoy what you do have, family, friends, and the love of all of those around you. I do but i dont believe in god, i believe theres a higher power out there, just because somethings just cant be explained. But that doesnt mean im afraid to kill myself or die. I have a lot to live for, my family and my friends and my girlfriend, having my own family and enjoying life, seeing the world and experiencing different cultures...Im not rich by any means, hell i struggle with money most of the time. But im workin my ass off to get a better job and im still enjoying life and my company i keep.
  • Yes. There are many that sacrifice themselves to save others. Police, fireman and many others make it their job to put their life on the line and often give it up. History is full of examples of people who have killed themselves to save others.
  • No, suicide should never ever be justified. We should and must respect the sanctity of life.
  • YES AND NO It is for the mentally and emotionally scarred and tomented cos sometimes they just cant seem to find their way back to the light, on the other hand It is sad when they leave loved ones behind! I for one have been on both sides of the tracks
  • It depends on your perspective. Suicide usually is NOT ok for the loved ones of the person who killed themself. The suffering that led a person to commit suicide is reason enough for me, so I personally think it is OK. Who am I to judge whether someone should stay alive and suffer? That is solely up to that individual, and anyone who preaches about it being a sin and being wrong, needs to pull their head out of their arse and examine WHY someone would want to kill themself. Until you know their pain, thoughts, and circumstances, you really have no place to judge.
  • I would guess, u wanna kill urself? thats not the way out just move on with ur life
  • I personally think that if someone absolutely does not want to live, they should be allowed to kill themselves. Sounds weird, but like anything else, you shouldn't force things on others, even if it is life. I mean, death is the only perfect thing around anyways. lol.
  • Don't ask us, ask yourself if it's okay. It's all in the eye of the beholder.
  • Any & ALL humans have pain threshholds at which suicide WILL become preferrable. Anyone who witnessed the 9/11 bodies jumping to escape the heat cannot deny this. There's not ONE of us who wouldnt have done the same thing in that kind of pain. Anyone who says suicide is NEVER ok, deserves to be similiarly set ablaze. It's impossible to measure another's pain, whether physical or emotional. No human has earned the right to judge another (to say when suicide is "OK"). Humans lack wisdom enough to judge even themselves fairly, much less anyone else.
  • OK????????????? what does ""OK"" mean????????? Is it okay for someone to kill themselves??? OK for who? them? their family? kids? NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. it is NOT """""OK""""...what a strange choice of use for such a serious and final act. I'm sorry, but unless you are a very young person this question is just not right. Please, take no offense, none intended. I hope you are not having to deal with this personally right now, and if you are..I am truly sorry.
  • Yes. It is always your right to do whatever you want with your life. It is YOURS after all. Forcing someone to live a life which has driven them to the point of suicide is worse than death itself.
  • NO.. Never. Never. Never!!! Someone who "sacrifices" their life to save another is completely different than someone who takes their life because they don't want to put in the work it takes to live. I think it's a very selfish ends up punishing those left behind to pick up the pieces and go on. Life is a gift & should be treated that way. If you don't like my opinion, I'm sorry, but it is MY opinion.
  • depends on how religous you are.
  • Given that it is legal to ride a motorcycle in the rain, and legal to go golfing in a thunderstorm, some people must think it's ok.
  • Sorry, please rate this down to the bottom of the list. I've been accidentally adding new answers when I intend to add a comment to an existing answer. Still getting used to the AB interface.
  • I think those poor people jumping out the Twin Towers are more than justified. I also feel people should be allowed to die under certain medical conditions, a lot of em live in severe pain.
  • Yes, and in Oregon and Washington it's legal, depending on the circumstances. What's not OK is forcing someone with a terminal illness to live a life of agony because of an archaic sense of religious "morality".
  • Of course. There are no absolutes in human behaviour. A favourite Bible quote: "Judge not, lest ye be judged."
  • no committing suicide will send your soul to hell and think about your friends and the people that love you SUICIDE IS NOT OK
  • no, never
  • No. Never.
  • In some very few, very particular circumstances, yes, I would think so. To avoid torture might be one reason. To avoid suffering prior to a certain death from disease might be another.
  • I would say no, there are so many medications, treatments and people out there to go to....I feel sorry for the person who believes life is not worth living and takes this measure...
  • Not at all!!!
  • Yes. It is your life and it should be your decision.
  • Yes, I think it can be the only answer sometimes. But it is up to the individual to decide when that time comes
  • I can't say yes and I can't say no. All I can say is that I understand.
  • Yes, Suicide is always permissible in my own opinion. when ever life becomes to unbearable to go on, i think every human being has the right to say "screw this, im getting out". We all have the right to terminate our lives whenever we wish. Its our lives and thats all that matters.

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