• Probably close to a million, if not more, they dont cost me anything, and if you deserve them , you get em, even If I dont leave a comment...
  • Gosh, Many hundreds maybe more I do not positroll I think there is sometimes a devious reason behind positrolling. I do give points to any good answers I see or to answers that a person has not bothered to rate. I always give points to any questions I answer.
  • Probably more than the overall points that I have now. I have obtained the power to give +6 quite early.
  • Uncountable thousands of points. I give away hundreds every hour.
  • 1k. I'm rather points-happy. lol.
  • Number points given to answers to my questions + number of points given to questions that I've answered + points given to other questions and answers = about 40,000.
  • I have no idea how to calculate that. Let put it this way: I would have to DR at least a couple of hundred people just to lower my percentage score down to 98%.
  • Well, I give everyone my maximum..the max changes as my level has changed. I'm not sure how I would figure that out unless I kept track of each stage, which I don't do because I don't bother with that ballpark, probably zillions! I give maximum to questions I answer,maximum to answers I receive..if I could give points for comments I'd give my maximum for those as well! :)
  • Probably 20 more times the points than I have received. I am a real nice guy.
  • Given more than I have recieved, I look for answers to give points to while good questions come up
  • Probably lots more than I get. I positroll: Go to questions and answer then give anybody with an honest answer plus the question points. My percentage score stands as 100%.
  • I've given points for near each answer and question I respond to and got to +6 points quickly. So one year's time of giving points, usually near the top of the leaderboards in answering questions each week. And all the other answers I give points to. Can't even begin to imagine how many.

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