• No, bloodletting is archaic and a bad idea as you could bleed to death if you hit a major artery/vein and there is a risk of infection which could lead to bloodletting.
  • i think they tried that in the middle ages...didn't work on colds or broken bones, either...
  • Yes. Have all of your mercury filling removed ASAP. Mercury is highly toxic and causes high blood pressure and that is what you have. Metal fillings are 50% mercury. Mercury is the second most toxic substance on the face of the planet, second to radioactive plutonium. Mercury does cause a plethora of health problems.
  • yeah, let out enough blood and you don't have to worry about high blood pressure cause you will be dead. HBP permanently reduced... cured
  • i'm not a logistician, but, wouldn't bloodletting actually result in increased blood pressure? if you think you have problems with hbp, see your doctor. don't go buying slugs - i don't know anyone who is licensed to administer slugs. stick with what we think works at this time.
    • Roaring
      They're called leeches. The red cross will not take blood from a person that has high blood pressure. On another note, there is a good feeling in the body after giving blood
  • No. Is there anything positive that come from bloodletting?

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