• Naaah...I never "dress up" to go shopping. The most I'm ever "dressed up" is if I have to stop on the way home from work to get something, and that's business casual.
  • I don't have dandruff, but probably the latter.
  • LOL It's not a formal function so I just try to avoid looking like a bum ; )
  • Brush it off? Why? Skier chicks love that. It makes the shoulders look like mountains and... you're not buying it, are ya? Ya, basically, I just make sure that I'm clean and not naked. Very important, that last part.
  • Just got back from the grocery store and before I left, I took a shower and wore a pair of nice jeans and a casual shirt. Usually we aren't just running to the supermarket, we tend to have several errands to do when in town, so I try to look "put together"
  • People dress up to go to the store? Oh man! This is news to me. Shopping can be unpleasant enough. I want to at least be comfortable!
  • I don't even bother putting my shoes on.
  • If I could, I would show up in my boxers.
  • I usually wear dockers or jeans and a clean shirt. I also put my jewelry on.
  • I have went to the grocery store with dried mud all over me. I am spending my money there.. enough said. My grandmother always told us the old saying of looking nice because you never knew what would happen while you were out.. well here is the thing.. under it all.. I am just flesh and bones.. so if I am not up to par.. I am still me.
  • Although, as you must know, California beach and surf town protocol demands proper attire when shopping at Ralph's, Vons, and Alberson's, sadly, my ball gowns perished - yes, perished - in a tragic dry cleaning mishap last year. I've taken to wearing shorts and flip flops. Yes, sure, I get funny looks from the rest of the shoppers, but amazingly enough, I think most of them consider me as a real trailblazer. Still, I can't deny - life without pink chiffon has been rough. Thank you for your concern, Galeanda.
  • I would be one of those showing up at the grocery store in paint clothes (blushes). I'm always working on something in this house, and if we are out of something I just go.
  • 1)Random pants 2)Random T-shirt 3)Shoes 4)Go!
  • Moi? Naw! I go as I am..summer/ shorts, top, sandals..winter/ bluejeans,top, sandals, jacket/sweatshirt. No makeup. I'm what you'd call "plainwrap" brand! :)
  • Both extremes, sometimes I go out all dolled out like i'm ready for a fashion shoot. Other times I don't even bother to brush my hair. Depends if i'm motivated I guess
  • I don't like going all grubby, but I don't get dressed up. I hsve gone when I'm in the midst of something but I try not to be too offensive:)
  • If its an unscheduled trip I just run my fingers through my hair put on my sandals grab the car keys and go. If its the monthly scheduled trip I dab some gloss, comb my hair,put on my shoes and get my husband to drive.
  • I'd say it's somewhere in the middle, but closer to the dressing up option. I'm always clean, and my clothes are clean and ironed, and jewelry is common but I don't go overboard with it. It's all fairly casual clothes (jeans and a nice top usually, and my jewelry is usually some sort of beaded necklace and a bangle bracelet). Nothing fancy, but I'm not wearing pajamas to the store either. I rarely wear makeup because I can't be bothered, and my hair is usually in a ponytail. The makeup and straight hair comes out when I go out at nighttime, IF it is not too hot outside.
  • Shorts and t-shirt. Yeah. Too ordinary.
  • Dockers and a polo shirt.
  • Some kind of sweat or yoga pant and a t-shirt. It's not like I live in Italy! :)
  • Sweat pants and some sort of tee shirt.
  • I'm just getting ready to go to the supermarket :) So today it's black skinny jeans, teal platform patent heels, black and white sesame street t-shirt with coloured writing on and a black double breasted knee length felt coat. I don't usually make that much of an effort, its usually jeans and pumps, but I'm meeting friends straight after! Give me a shout if you see me!
  • Unless I had the hots for a store employee, they should be lucky I put on deodorant and brush my teeth for a visit to the grocery store.

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