• Oh, I've noticed it too and to be be very honest it hurts. Its seems as if they only wanted those select few to answer their questions and are acknowledging their answers and ignoring ours.
  • Uh... well, I do this, and it's not because I'm ignoring anyone or don't appreciate their answers, but if I comment it's usually either because I disagree or I have something further to say to their answer.
  • Because those answers intrigue them and the others don't. Nothing wrong with that.
  • Hi all, I started last week and I am trying to make a point of commenting to all answers to my questions,and pointing them....but the more questions you post the more difficult it is to reply to all of them. Yes I get posting of these comments but when you have a three page list it is easy to miss one or apologies if I do.
  • I very rarely ask questions, but when the ones I ask are answered I try to leave some kind of comment on all the answers, if it is only a thank you. A couple of times I have recieved no notification so I don't know a question has been answered unless something else brings me back to it.
  • That old bugaboo, favoritism I suppose. That's the difference between being fair-minded and offering the same respect to all those who are kind enough to take the time to answer your questions. There should be no differentiation among them, in my opinion. Friends/strangers..those with whom you agree/disagree. They should all be treated with equal courtesy and acknowledgement! That separates those who are inclusive from those who are exclusive! :)
  • I comment on every answer. I am grateful when other users answer my questions. If I don't comment, it's that rare moment when the content is obscene or vulgar or unhelpful - and those I just leave alone - I don't even downrate. I tend to stop participating in the thread once it's down to a simple "thank you" or "you're welcome" so I can cruise AB for the next party :D
  • I asked the same type of question, look at these, I think you will like the answers.
  • I try to comment on every answer I get, even if it's just a "thanks", because I've seen that people have complained about not getting comments. I'd prefer that someone not bother commenting on an answer of mine if it's just to say thanks because I have a very slow internet connection, and sometimes it takes a minute or two to open a page just to see "thanks jenn". Often I'll get an answer to a question I had asked months ago only to find out that there were several answers I didn't know about because I didn't get anything saying that someone answered, and I feel bad that I didn't acknowledge their answer when they posted it. I know a lot of people here have mentioned the same problem, so it might just be that the answer wasn't noticed.
  • I give points for almost every answer, but I only comment on things that I want or need to hear more about, or have something to add... All answers are appreicated(sp?) but some are self explainatory. But that is just my two cents.
  • it is true
  • I think it shows a lack of appreciation for others and no respect for other people's time. So you disagree or agree or don't care about the answer. That shouldn't matter as it was you who asked, who requested info. It's only polite to say at least thank you. If you were face to face and someone said something to me, I would not just stare stone-faced or turn away. I would acknowledge their words, no matter how boring or trite.
  • Sometimes I may late in acknowledging, but I always make a point to do so, no matter who answers. Some folks may be showing favoritism and only thanking their friends? There have been a few cases when I've receieved a truly nasty/rude/hateful answer/comment that I didn't know how to respond to, or knew I couldn't without getting I let it go.
  • Hi Logy, I really hate to answer with a question, but...
  • I comment on every answer one of my Questions receive. I think it is very impolite to just pick out certain people to comment. I am still trying to catch up with feedback I lost while I was off site . If anyone sees any of my Questions with answers not rated I would be very grateful for a link. :)
  • I've never been big on the comments that just say "thank you." I give points as appropriate, but don't bother with comments unless I think there's a reason for further discussion.
  • Sometimes answers don't show up in my alerts so it is possible for me to miss a few. I don't do it on purpose.
  • It's very possible that they don't like those they passed over. I've seen a few like that. It may also mean they responded to the first batch of answers that came to the question, then simply pointed (if that) the answers of those who came later. Either way, I consider it rude... I thank (at LEAST) and point EVERYONE who answers my questions. After all, they took the time and energy (sometimes doing research) to answer them. The LEAST they could do was thank them. THAT said, it takes a little while on AB to get the idea of the points system, and comment threads. When I started, I thought those were only for the questioner. PLEASE don't look at my earlier questions or answers - as they come up, I point everyone, and usually apologize for not doing so earlier. I've also found that if they were when I was a lower level, I can usually give even MORE points to them. ONE of these days, I may take the time to go back and do it to all of them. ;-)
  • This is my story: I try to always give points. I keep finding old questions that I missed giving points, I make it up eventually. In the past I would always reply to an answer with a 'Thanks!'. Then a few ABers complained that they didn't want to see that. Now I add comments if I have something good to add. I do appreciate the answers, that's why I award points.
  • Here's how I go about it: If I read all the answers to a give question, I may or may not make any comments to any given one. My criteria for leaving comments is varied: 1) Sometimes it's because I 'know' the answerer. 2) Sometimes it's because the answer strikes me as being close to the heart. 3) Sometimes the answerer is far enough off the mark that a corrective comment is required. 4) Sometimes I think the answerer is rude and should be called out as such. 5) Sometimes I think the humor factor just begs for recognition. 6) Sometimes I think the answerer is being badly treated for his opinion. 7) Sometimes I think the answerer has said everything I think needs saying and simply doesn't need my two cents. 8) Sometimes, with eleventy billion answers posted to a question, it's simply a huge waste of my time to even try reading them all, much less make comments on them all. There are more, but you get my point. Not every answer needs or deserves a comment. HOWEVER, one thing I ABSOLUTELY would comment on is any time I would DR an answer. But since I don't DR answers (or questions) I never have an occasion to do this. But IF I did...
  • I do know that sometimes it's an Ab glitch. I leave comments for everyone and have often returned to see my comment has disappeared. However, i do think in general, that some people could make a more conscientious effort to acknowledge those who do answer their questions :)
  • i try to comment and point every answer i get even if just to say thanks.
  • I just joined, and I have answered questions in a field where I feel qualified to do so. I may expand later, but I will always refrain from answering questions where I am not 100% sure that what I am saying is the truth. I try to be accurate.
  • maybe they just dont have anything to say to the other people

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