• Its impossible to tell you what the medication is without additional informationsuch as..are there any written letters, numbers or combination of both on it? What size is the pill? Is the chemical makeup of the pill inside a plastic covering or has the shape of the pill itself been formed under high pressure? My suggestion is that unless you know exactly what it is or where it came from stay away from it. It could be medication that you could be highly allergic to or if found outside of your immediate living quarters it could be a sick prank with who knows what chemicals inside of it.
  • I dont care for guessing games. I suggest you stay out of other peoples medicine cabinet and seek help for your drug problem.
  • I certainly intend to stay away from it, agree that anyone who even vaguely had an interest in ingesting a substance that they do not know the origin of has a drug problem. MY concern is WHY is this pill in a certain persons possession, as there is a bottle full of them along with several peach and white round pills that are gel like. The green pills are almost a mint color and a powdery caplet, have no markings and were in a bottle marked Tylenol w/codeine generic by Teva and the person to whom they are prescribed lives in another state and is unknown to me. AGAIN, I definitely do not intend on taking them, but am concerned about their origin or if they are a narcotic.
  • RX657 found in my home

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