• The back of my neck and on my back between my shoulders.
  • I love the classic: MY NECK!! Especially if they know how to work that tongue!! I also like it when they move from my neck to my tickles!!!...But, its a more "sexy-ish" tickle!! LOL...
  • My favorite spot is on the back of the neck at my hair line. I have never gotten my boyfriend to try the back of my knee, but I bet it is sensitive. I also like my thigh to be kissed and not even in a naughty way, it just feels like getting a massage when they kiss in the right places.
  • I love being kissed on my back :)
  • On my back for sure. It gives me chills!
  • I answered the same for "What is your Hotspot?" but I lose all control when someone kisses me on the very lower back, right above my ass-crack. ***Shivers!***
  • its my neck for me.:-)+
  • The spot between my hip and makes me go crazy! My ear and nose are my favorite too =]
  • Just behind my ears. Very sexy.
  • neck and my back
  • everywhere lol my neck my stomach and the little bit inbetween my stomach and girlie bit, near my thigh i also like my inner thigh and my nose i find really romantic and very sweet.
  • I know it's a bit weird...but I like it when my boyfriend kisses my feet in bed cos it's kind of sexy and intimate.
  • My neck!
  • For me, it's not really about where, but how. The very lightest, barely brushing lips to skin kisses drive me *wild*. I explained this to my boyfriend - Guys are masculine. They have the reputation for being rough, tough, and powerful. (Yeah, yeah, yeah. Lol) So something about the fact that a man can lightly brush his lips to my skin and trail his fingers softly across my arm or back is such a huge turn on. Sends shivers everywhere. I absolutely love it. I mean, we expect a guy to be strong and rough, but when he shows the opposite, it's amazing. As far as where.. there are various spots. Right behind the ears, the neck, shoulders, upper back, tummy. There is something very intimate and sweet about the tummy and yet also very sexy. That might be due to the whole maternal thing. =)
  • the back of the neck....makes me crazy
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  • i was kissed on my neck once and i really liked it!

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