• I am not an attorney. In the US, district courthouses have "pro se" divisions to assist persons who have no attorney. They can advise you as to form, and can provide forms and advise you of any deadlines you need to meet. Often courts will accept submissions made without benefit of an attorney as long as they include: The jurisdiction: State of New Mexico, County of Taos, 1st Judicial District Name of the case: Jones v. Jones Case number: CVDR 2006-1104 Title of the document: Response to petition for divorce. Most courts want the submissions to be typed, double-spaced. It must be signed, and must end with a certification that the document has been served on the other parties (I, Sue Jones, certify that I have hand delivered this document to Bill Jones on _______. Then sign the certification. EVERY JURISDICTION IS DIFFERENT. This is why I strongly recommend that you call or visit the PRO SE division at your local courthouse.
  • I've been divorced twice. Never went to court for either. The first time I just went with him to his lawyers office and signed the paper. The second time was done through the mail I answered pro se and there was nothing official about it. I didn't even know there were people who could advise me as stated above.

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