• Well seeing the baby gets ripped apart and decapitated it hurts quite a bit.
  • Don't listen to people try to make you feel guilty, like Galooly. I personally have never had one, but know a few people have. I have even taken a couple to get them done. All, but one were fine shortly after the procedure. They say it didn't hurt maybe a little uncomfortable. The one who wasn't took the poll RU486 and she said it was the worst experience ever.
  • I just recently had an abortion. I found out on Sunday August 3rd I was pregnant. I am only 17 so of course keeping the baby wasnt an option. The procedure for an abortion is simple you go to the clinic fill out paper work, see a counselor, blood test (prick your finger) to see if you iron is low they then take you into a room where you get naked waist down and you sit on a gurny and put your feet in stirups. They then inject two different medications to make you drowsy and tired. I fell asleep withing first injection. after that they give you a shot to numb your uterus they then insert a vacumn type suction tube the size of a drinking straw and is sent into the uterus to suck everything up. After that you wake up and may have a little cramping and some spotting but they give you 3 different medications for each. One for bleeding, another for cramps and one to prevent infection. Honestly after the procedure I was pretty much perfectly fine. no pain or anything
  • my wife said she felt like her baby died. there was soul pain.
  • I certainly don’t claim to know this from firsthand experience, but I’m told that the psychological pain is generally quite severe. I remember reading a story in a rather liberal student newspaper (the Indiana Daily Student, from Indiana University—Bloomington) where they had interviewed several hundred women, from around the world, that had had abortions. There were plenty of statistics (which, I know, can be twisted to prove anything), but the one that really struck me was that each of something like 80% of them had had at least one dream—many of them, more than one—in which her aborted child appeared; called her “Mommy,” “Mother,” or something to that effect; and asked why she had killed him or her. I really don’t understand why more people don’t place children for adoption. I can’t imagine a more responsible, loving decision.
  • getting a surgical abbortion hurts the baby, but im not sure about medical abortion - where you give a FULL birth to a dead baby.
  • There are a number of different experiences... I am about to go through medical abortion so will certainly let you know.... A friend of mine had a surgical abortion and said it was uncomfortable but not painful. She felt drowsy and confused and the hormones made her very sad. Again no pain. FYI to all those idiots making reference to killing a baby, giving birth to a dead baby. Shut your stupid, uninformed mouths.... <6weeks it is not a baby it is a sack of cells. How do I know this... because medical professionals told me!!! Nobody wants to have an abortion, sometimes it's what you have to do. Giving a child a full, stable life is of utmost importance. If you can't provide cannot have it. I suppose such extremist christians would also believe the starving impoverished women in Africa should give birth as they can give the child love.... yeah right and watch their child starve to death slowly but surely. NOTHING christian about that
  • This isn't an answer, it's a question. I am reading all of your comments and advice, I'm getting ready to have my abortion tomorrow morning...I found out last week that I was already 20wks with no symptoms of even knowing, but due to my certain circumstances I cannot have this baby, I feel extremely terrible for doing this and I pray everyday and night for God to forgive me for what I am about to do but I also know that this is the right thing for me to do, not only for myself but for this unborn child. Now is it so wrong for me to have an abortion at 21wks when I had no clue I was pregnant in the first place, and I know that this is the right choice that I'm making for the both of us.?????
    • Mircat
      What business is it of anyone else? You leave yourself open to guilt trippers and religious freaks by blabbing. Its your body and your decision. Tell no one! You do what you need to do for you. If you go into it whining about right or wrong and having to pray then maybe you should have it and give it up for adoption. You set yourself up for emotional guilt if you are this confused at this date. You should be feeling positive that its right for you and everyone else can mind their own bisiness. Good luck!
  • Why ask?
  • No but there may be some cramping afterwards.

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