• The idea behind this is that when a man takes her out to dinner it is courteous to offer her the seat with the better view. It is assumed that facing the room is a better view because one can see the rest of the restaurant instead of being "isolated" at the window. Even if it is not a man/woman question, if you invite someone to dinner the person who is considered the "guest" should be offered the better seat. Now, I'm a woman and I actually prefer the view out the window. But that's the explanation for that particular rule of etiquette, whether you agree or not.
  • It's just like the guy transfers to the side where vehicles pass whenever he is with a girl. So as to be the one in the "danger zone". =) Same as with having a girl sit in the side where no one will pass by.
  • I would think also that if you are on a busy street you may get people walking outside looking in the windows. Of course in a nice establishment they should have some sort of curtains or shades, but this is not always the case. Many people aren't comfortable having people looking in at them while they eat. So it would be curtious to offer your dining partner the opportunity to face away from the window. Although I think rather than directing them or offering them a certain chair it would be more kind to ask which chair she prefers to sit in and then of course pull the chair out for her.
  • It is so the woman can have a better view of the room. Personally, i think its a pile of rubbish. Who wants a view of the room? If your company is that boring, why go the restaurant in the first place? Mindboggling nonsense. . . . . .
  • A woman should be allowed to sit first. Facing the room or not is up to her.
  • That is an outdated notion that a woman sit facing the room so she can be admired by others.
  • I need to sit with my back to the wall.
  • Traditionally, women are seated with the view of the room. Although table manners are so neglected in today‚Äôs world.

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