• Assuming the barrels are the same size, and closed off, I would roll them down a hill. The one with the most water will end up at the bottom of the hill, first. (Honestly, I'm just guessing here. LOL).
  • This is a very interesting question... what's the answer? LOL
  • I'll give you both a day to try and work it out. I will be back on tomorrow night and will give you two the answer then.
  • Without using instruments, you would have to do something like pick them up and estimate their weight. Or wait until the water evaporates and whichever barrel is empty first had less water.
  • If you are a relatively large person, but you fit in the barrels. Strip naked, jump in one barrel and watch how much water spills out. let yourself dry, jump in the second barrel and watch how much water spills out. The barrel that has the most water spilling out, had more water!
  • I'm going with let it evaporate and which ever still has water left had the most water.
  • Nope. Hint: This task can be done in 30 seconds or less.
  • Ask the person that filled them!?
  • poke a hole underneath both at the same time. The one to drain faster had less liquid. Alternatively, add the same amount of water to both slowly, the first one to overflow has more water.
  • Oh yeah, just looked at Gran's link. It's all alcohol!! He he. I think I'll stick to a lime and soda. I used to love having a few drinks with the girls on a Friday night. Oh well, I don't get hangovers now so that's a real positive. Thanks you two. lol

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