• I like me rum with coke and some lime ala' Cuba Libre'
  • I'd have to say Barcardi 151, I mix it
  • Bundaberg OP (over proof). I don't drink.
  • In my experience, it isn't about the strength of the rum so much as the quantity. As in, killing a handle of the Captain in one night with two of your friends is going to be mighty fierce the next day - LOL! I like to mix rum with ginger... sweet and delicious!
  • I don't know the name of it, Ed. Years ago, Old School (one of my son's two best friends since forever) and his family went to Europe on a skiing holiday..he brough me back a bottle of rum. I fixed my usual drink (at that time I liked Rum & Cola), drank it and it really hit me..later I really looked at the bottle and discovered it was 180 proof! I think he got it in Austria but I'm not sure. Whatever it was, it certainly got my attention! :)
  • Pussers Navy Rum
  • Stroh 80 is the strongest rum that I am aware of, I've never had it but it's a dark rum that is 160 proof. I've had Bacardi 151 and it's pretty harsh though. For regular rum I tend to mix it with coke or daquiris stuff like that, the overproof rums like 151 I have only drank straight up in a shot.
  • Strongest one I have in the house is bacardi 151..usually drink it mixed :)
  • from grenada one rum 90% alc. from st.vincent sunset extra strong at 84.5% alc, jetpackers rum from austria is only 80% alc.
  • There are a number of 151-proof rums, ranging from Bacardi and Ron Rico on the cheaper side to some of the potent and flavorful dark Navy "grog" rums (especially Pusser's). Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum is also high-octane, I believe. 151 proof is for pouring into the wedding punch as far as I'm concerned. Used in single mixed drings you won't keep your sea legs for long. If you want to pace yourself without putting on the 7-league boots, stick to 80-proof rum and cokes! Cheaper rums are for mixing, not drinking straight. There are a number of great and more expensive rums that are so fine (the "single malt scotches" of rum)that they are meant to be enjoyed straight, either straight in a brandy snifter (my choice) or with a bit of ice. What makes these high-quality rums too good to mix is their long aging in oak barrels (some are even aged in used bourbon barrels), the care in distilling, or other singular reasons (aging has a lot to do with it). Pusser's is the only rum still distilled in wooden barrels (an old requirement of Navy rum used by the Royal Navy from sailing days to 1970 when they quit serving the daily "lot" of grog to each sailor. Don't want those young innocents becoming alkies, now. Great rums to drink straight: Bacardi Anejo (dark, made in Mexico, the least expensive of these examples); Myer's Rum (yum!); Pusser's; Cockspur 12-year-old and higher-grade varieties; 10 Cane; and perhaps the best in the world, Flor de Cana (with a squigly over the n - 'flower of the cane'), which come in a few different ages, are among the most expensive ($40 - $50 a bottle depending on where you are) and are the gems of the lot.
  • As others have stated, 151 rum is, I believe, the strongest obtainable. When I drink rum, it's usually in a daquri.
  • Bacardi 151 Straight up!
  • I drink Ron Viejo de Caldas. Its a Colombian rum and it is very nice to drink straight.
  • idk which rum is the strongest, i still have to experiment... but i like to drink it mixed with soda or any kinda juice. i'll drink some rum straight though. ;)
  • Angostura 1919 is the best neat!
  • everclear is the stronqest legal itz 190 proof den theres moonshinee

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