• No..I play them all the time with my grandkids...we love 'LIFE', 'SCRABBLE', 'CATOPOLY'.....and we play card games like 'UNO'.....Happy times!
  • No. We have a game night about once a month. No TV, No movies, just games. About 10 of us each time.
  • No way! When our kids were still home, up until three years ago, we'd have game nights at home. The kids would invite friends. We have a stack of heaven only knows how many games. We'd make popcorn and have cans of cheap soda. Sometimes, we'd have pizza. We'd do this every other weekend. Then there were "movie nights." Those were a blast. The kids would rent movies that were "family friendly" to show prior to the younger kids going to sack out in one of the bedrooms. Then, they'd usually rent "marshmallow movies," as they called them. They were marshmallow movies because the guts looked like marshmallow creme. lol We had movie nights when we'd have up to 40 kids at our house. Fortunately, we had a huge house then! All the teens would sleep in the living room... IN PLAIN VIEW for obvious reasons. Some of their friends would bring their little brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, etc. It really was a lot of fun! I really miss doing that with our kids since we are empty nesters now. We do play board games with our grandkids when they are here now. Since they are young and my husband never had kids, he just inherited mine when they were teenagers lucky him lol, he's learning to play Candyland and the like.
  • No, we do family game night every month.
  • No, not in our family. We still play all the time. In fact for my son's birthday he asked that everyone get him thier favorite childhood game. Opening the presents was a hoot. It was great to see what gave everyone liked as a kid.
  • Not in my family!
  • nope my grandkids like them and the parents do also ..theres some pretty good ones for older kids a starwars one that i have played ..well the grandson told me what moves etc a great train one as well ...
  • No, new ones are still coming out.
  • Only in families where the parents recklessly cater to their children's whims and buy them things like iphones and playstations. Of course: that would be in MOST families.
  • They are good for family night.
  • No, but they've definitely taken a backseat, first to console video games and now more recently to cell phone games. But they do live on.
  • Nope, chess and checkers are still very much alive.
  • No. They are objects and not living things therefore they neither live or die. Board games can still be played by anyone with an interest in them.
  • No, fun board games can yield hours of entertainment.
  • We were just discussing this last night and talking about the last time you played a board game. It seems like it was a long time ago.
  • I can't remember the last time I played aboard game.
  • . { 18/1/22 } ...many families play them as its good family time
  • No, even when temporarily ignored they can be resurrected any time you wish.
  • The Boomers will always love then.
  • I don't think so. We still play chess and checkers and backgammon a lot, scrabble too.
  • I don't think so, there is nothing like chatting and playing games with people .
  • No. They develop cognitive functions well.
  • Not a lot of people play them any more except to entertain children.

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