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  • Poor stereotype. -4
  • Beautiful girls KNOW they are beautiful, and that makes them vain and uber superficial and therefore at least eventually dimwitted or vindictive.
  • That is an oxymoron, if they are beautiful, they would not be a cruel person. I suppose it depends on your definition of beautiful.
  • because they think they can walk all over us, get whoever they want and do whatever the they please.
  • Cuz you allow them to be. Simple as that.
  • Beautiful people including beautiful girls are not cruel. Physically attractive people can be cruel if it goes to their heads. I guess it depends what beautiful means.
  • have i ever treated you badly?
  • for the same reason hot guys are pigs. they know they can still get some nomatter how they behave. when girls and guys stop being stupid and dating jerks it will continue. how can any girl think dating someone who calls themself "pimp" is a good idea?
  • Why are generalizations so insulting? Oh yeah, because they offend the innocent.
  • girls who know they are attractive think that they can get through life based on looks. they don't think about how they're behaving.
  • Your "beautiful girl" would probably be just as cruel if she weren't beautiful, you just wouldn't notice her.
  • Beauty is as beauty does. Cruel girls aren't beautiful.
  • If you'd have lots of girls running after you you'd be cruel too
  • Because they have no need for you. They can have just about every guy they meet, so they don't care to try. The more average to ugly looking girls usually don't get hit on, and are therefore, more in need of friends and relationships, so they end up being nicer people.
  • they weren't taught any different.
  • Your definition of beauty needs some adjusting.
  • Because most men(myself included on occasion) are Idiots and let them get away with it! Sad but true...
  • Hey! I'm not cruel! Whats the word I'm looking for...oh yes, stereotyping. A bad thing. Let me put it into perspective for you, not all beautiful girls are cruel, and not all cruel girls are beautiful. There.
  • Misplaced answer.... sry
  • It all depends on the person...but, ive seen some spoiled, snotty girls who think because they are good looking, they can get whatever they want without using their brains.
  • For the same reason guys are cruel.
  • because they have always been given anything they want and gotten anyone they've liked so they dont care until they get hurt themselves
  • By the sounds of things you should have asked "Why are SOME PRETTY girls so cruel?" Beauty is more than looks. It is the whole person, especially what's on the inside.
  • Not all of them are. I've met cruelty from attractive and unattractive girls alike. Usually that sort of thing is caused by insecurity. Anyone who lashes out at other people for no good reason is usually trying to cover something up. "Look at how awesome and great I am compared to other people." Sort of like how most homophobes are usually gay themselves and they just don't want to admit it. So they try to cover it up by talking about how much they hate gay people. Same thing.
  • If they are cruel, they're not very beautiful. Remember that.
  • Not all are. Some, though, think they can get by in life on their looks. The vast majority of them are in for a VERY rude awakening.
  • ego problems
  • I'm assuming fried egg was referring to the double standard.
  • Because they haven't realized how fleeting their beauty is.
  • Because you put your ego on the line when you talk to them. If you weren't attracted, it wouldn't hurt... And let's not forget how much attention these girls get, some desired, some not. Anyway, the less you NEED her validation, the less you care about this sort of thing, and paradoxically, the more attracted she's likely to be... i.e. : have more shit going on in your life, and you'll seem more together, and also less caught up on impressing...
  • mmmmmm because we can be
  • I don't know but the cruel ones are usually pretty dumb because no matter how beautiful someone is on the outside, cruelty gets really tiresome real quick and then they become ugly.
  • Pretty girls make graves. . .sorry, couldn't resist. Are they? OK, maybe the ridiculously shallow ones. I'll give you that.
  • Maybe it's because they can be and they get away with it. Maybe it's because they're constantly judged based on their looks and treated negatively because of it, so they've developed a strong outer shell that appears to be cruel when in fact it's just protective. I really couldn't say, I honestly haven't experienced this. Generally it's the moderately attractive girls, the sixes, who are the stuck up ones with the overcompensating holier-than-thou attitudes. The eights, nines, and tens have a similar personality, but they pull it off with confidence and humor. Call a pretty girl ugly, she'll laugh. Call a moderately attractive girl ugly, she'll get defensive. That's the difference.
  • Not all beautiful girls are cruel. Some are, as are some unattractive girls. I know some very beautiful people that are also beautiful inside.
  • We just can't help it! ;)
  • I don't think all beautiful girls are cruel. However, some feel entitled to whatever they want, and some men give in to their wishes because of their beauty. So being pampered and given all their wants, they become selfish and self-absorbed. Or they get out of receiving a ticket from a police officer (sometimes) because they flirt or show cleavage. So in a sense, MEN are responsible for creating these monsters. But again, not all beautiful women are cruel. I'm not. ;-) (j/k)
  • not all of them are
  • some are some are not. but the ones who are in my opinion are shallow, stupid and extreemly silly to think they can depend on their looks forever. gravity gets to us all and their sh!t stinks just the same as less pretty girls.
  • Speaking of being scared where did "Fearfulkitty" come from?
  • BECAUSE THEY CAN BE!!! It isnt there fault. everyone gives them power! WE put them on a higher plain then everyone else stop caring and the cruelty STOPS! i have actually done this and i stopped caring about what the "pretty girls" stopped bothering me! trust me it works!
  • because they know they can be. they have the power. take away the power... and they'll soften up. trust me... i'm a saint when i've lost all the attention in a room. compliment me once though, and the censor comes off.
  • There are many beautiful girls who are not cruel and i know a lot of nice AND beautiful girls :). However some of the most beautiful girls are cruel(as well assome not so beautiful girls are) because they don't have mind as to think logically.They just want to find some1 who is famous,rich and beautiful and believe that they are worth at least that.This way,according to the type of man they search for, they usually become it's sex tool and a nice flowerpot which decors its house.Nothing less,nothing more.They search for fame and money , not love and happiness and that is why they will be miserable and mean all their life.I'd say you better avoid that kind of a girl.
  • demand is more than supply.
  • Why are you making such generalizations and assumptions?
  • Not all beautiful girls. Just some. It's because they use their beauty as a power to get what they want and they become bitches about it.
  • because 3 billion people want to have sex with them, so they can do whatever they want and theres plenty more chumps who will be there if this one or that one doesnt work out.
  • i dont know about that some PEOPLE are cruel but i dont think people are cruel because of their looks i know plenty of totally gorgeous girls who have huge hearts
  • Their beauty makes them cruelly proud!
  • No. Not all beautiful girls are cruel.

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