• If your speaking in tems of interior, your looking at 59mins to one hour if all secuirity stops are aknowledgd, If you walk around outside, maybe 15 minutes,
  • I used to be stationed at the Pentagon from 1998 to 2001. As far as security goes, it's pretty much not an issue because the screening to get in is quite significant. That being said, you have 5 rings around the pentagon and over time as more office space was added, parts of the ring became closed off. The only true remaining ring is the "A" Ring, which is closest to the center. I would say it would take me about 15 minutes walking around it in the dead of night. During the day time you could easily add ten minutes from all the pedestrian traffic. As far as walking around the outside, don't do it, you won't make it. The physical layout is not designed with pedestrians in mind. You have raised areas, sunken areas, one whole side dedicated to the public transit (the metro used to have a stop under the pentagon in which you could go right up without ever stepping foot outside. You didn't ask this but I think it's a neat thing to know. There's 17.2 miles of corridor inside.
  • probably too long

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