• Israel
  • I would love to visit Israel & Egypt , but I'm in no hurry to die ;-) Things are just a little too wild and wooly over there for my blood.
  • The caverns of my heart. :)
  • I'm not afraid to go anywhere. However, there is no plave that I have any desire to visit. Honestly, I can't imagine that any place else has what there is to offer here, right smack dab between farmland and metropolitan landscapes. Has everything to offer within mile of here, so no need to want to visit elsewhere. I have visited every state in the main 48 in my time, but that's all but over now.
  • After having gone to most of the ASEAN countries, I would love to go to Myanmar which has been in my wish list for some years. However I am afraid to make any decision at the moment due to the prevailing political and socio-economic situations. The military junta is scaring people away.

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