• LOL... Not everyone's the same. How'd I do? See
  • it isnt necessary. when you are both flat on your backs in bed is a good time. it makes celebrating easy.
  • most definitely!!
  • maybe "very very special" is too much.. but i think its better that he has prepared for it.. it might not be that special but it sure is gonna be me..
  • yes!!!!!!!!
  • of course its a turning point in ur life
  • Not to be a party pooper but isn't the proposal ITSELF very special?
  • yes yes and yes....... cos this is gonna bring a lot many changes in our life.
  • Yes, I do. Ideally, he's only supposed to do it once in his life, so why not make it the biggest deal possible??
  • No. I just want the marriage to be special.
  • nope.. its should be special between the two of you.. no need 4 money to be spent or anything
  • yeah like in a hot air balloon or something : )
  • It should be special for YOU, not necessarily for HIM. By this I mean he should take your wants and dreams into consideration above his own ideas of what would be memorable or cool. Along this line of reasoning, I would NOT think it a very good idea to propose to you when he's drunk off his *ss in a bar surrounded by lots of people you may or may not know. Kinda detracts from the dignity of it. However, in a nice restaurant, in an earnest and polite manner while surrounded by people you may or may not know is different. OH, YEAH! The guy should be at least REASONABLY sure you are going to say 'yes' BEFORE doing this in public!
  • My fiance proposed in one of my fave restaurants on Valentines day. He had planned on doing it in Paris but it was cancelled and he couldn't wait any longer I thought it was just right, not too much fuss x
  • if he can... if he can afford it, but I consider it to be special anyway
  • Proposals are ALWAYS special... it's what comes after that... that really counts...You could be proposed by a person riding an elephant with a flower in his/her hand... it's what you look at... the enormous mammal, the delicate flower or the person.. that counts...
  • As a guy I'd say that a proposal from a guy would have to be AMAZING to get me to say yes! LOL j/k I agree with others that it depends on the person. In our case, my "girlfriend" and I were sitting outside one of the barracks of our training unit, and she just said to me, "I can't see myself spending the rest of my life without you." We just knew we wanted to be together. I never did propose. We just celebrated our 8th anniversary.
  • The proposal in and of itself is very special, wouldn't you agree? My husband did it right in our living room with nothing but flowers and a tear in his eye and it was one of the most special moments of my life. It does not have to be flashy and glamorous or larger than life. Just hearing those 4 words "Will you marry me?" is enough to make it very special!!
  • It's the two people that make it special. NO amount of trying to make a big show, riding up on a horse or parachuting down at her workplace will make it better. The sincerity is what counts.
  • I think just getting down on one knee is special, just the act of proposing is special. I don't need a big production. I'm a big sap so I'll be cryin and boohooing anyways!
  • I would really like it if he did put alot of planning into it,but thats not the most important thing.I would be really happy if I knew he truly loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.And in the long run I would just hope for an amazing marriage.But it's true that I do love a romantic(blame in on my french side)hehe:)
  • yes, as special as he possible can.
  • It should be special to you and him. What I mean by that is it does not have to be anything extravagant. Maybe proposing in the place where you first met or your first date. But it should include asking to marry him, not "Hey do you think we should get married".
  • To me, just him asking is special. But it would be nice if he put in alittle effort, like taking me to the beach or something. I'd rather it be cute and from his heart then some big show.
  • Special, but private.
  • I think it should be private and special. I mean we don't want your mom standing over us as you ask the question.It's a day we'll remember the rest of our lives.

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