• Probably depends on the type of paint. You could try opening some windows and plugging in an air freshener. That might help!
  • It actually depends on the paint you buy. Some paints have special formulas that the smell can go away faster than regular paints. If it a regular paint, even some of the top brands, it could last a few days, perhaps a week. To speed up the process, open the doors and windows, turn on a fan, and let the air circulate around the room.
    • mushroom
      Yes, there are "low VOC" paints with less odor, however, by removing the ingredients which smell, you are also removing the ingredients which make the paint last longer before drying and chipping.
  • Only the oil based paints really bother me. I usually run fans and keep windows open for a long time when I work with oil based paints.
  • We always put some vanilla (the kind you cook with) in our paint. It takes away the smell and does not change the paint color. It only takes a little bit.
  • A few drops of vanilla extract added to the can of paint before applying help. I have also seen some paint stores that sell you similar prepared products that mask the smell. As Kyogre said, if it`s possible to open some windows and there is not much humidity, rain or dirt coming in, that is a good idea.
  • It will take between 1 to 2 weeks for the smell to go and sometimes longer for the sensitive nose.To expedite the drying process ,windows should be opened for good air circulation especially if this is a newly constructed room. If you are repainting old room,putting on your air con and fan can expedite drying hence reduce the odour gradually.One sack of charcoal will also help to reduce the smell but this is rarely initiated.
  • in the cleaning supply part of home depot or lowes, there is this plastic-mesh bag of charcoal (looks like gravel). supposed to remove all types of smells. i used it to remove smoke and paint smell--seemed to work well
  • open windows-- and get plants in there, they will help too.
  • Open the windows and blow the fans.
  • Try slicing a raw onion in half and place it on a saucer in the room.You will find that the onion will absorb the smell of the paint.It really works!!
    • mushroom
      I think I'd try the vanilla suggestion made here by others!

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