• Hello there my heart goes out to you for this as I will bet that this has you very frustrated. Honestly if you really like this person then give this person a chance to really know you by explaining to him/her that you do wish to acknowledge their affection but the truth is you are not used to someone sharing this part of themself with you be honest with your feelings you may be surprised at the results especially if this person has a thing for you too!! Do this in a setting where there is NO outside interference GOOD LUCK
  • Some people are huggers, others are not. it seems you two are off to a very bad beginning. its got to go one way or the other. either you join the team and become a hugger or have an honest talk with that person and explain how you feel. Maybe you two can meet in the middle and a compromise. If not, you are doomed. My wife and i are huggers. we have many friends. my daughter is not a huger and this has presented many complex problems in our family. We, also do not understand, but we still love her.
    • mushroom
      Teenagers can often be that way, particularly around adults. Some grow out of it, some don't. Just think of how many adults are awkward about it.
  • maybe you should just tell the person youre not used to it

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