• Assuming that your family is not with you during these travels, you would miss your family a lot by being on the road. Constant jet lag could lead to sleep disorders also. And I know all that ear popping cant be good for your ears! ;)
  • well ummm there's a lot of things I could tell you but that already lets you know that traveling frequently just .... SUCKS
  • We would miss out on family fellowship which is very important and critical for the health and wellbeing of the family, especially when our children are still in their formative years.
  • You cant have many pets.
  • Living like a gypsy, and never settling down. I haven't gone anywhere for over 4 years now. I think I went to three different counties in that time frame.
  • the money you lose changing your money over inthe stock exchange!
  • Where to begin! The biggest for me was not being home with my wife and pets. Waking up in a hotel and having to reach into the drawer next to you to remember what city you are in. The stress of finishing a job in time to catch your flight to the next city. Crappy road food (land at midnight, and your choices are really limited). Having to finish your on site work only to go back to your hotel, log in to your work and spend 5 hours getting caught up. There are rituals you can have to make it easier, knowing how to pack and unpack quickly. Getting to know the hotel managers that you frequent and calling them at their extension before your trip. Often they will leave a bowl of fruit or something in your room for you. I used to frequent a hotel in San Jose and got to know the kitchen staff. They knew I had special dietary needs, and would let me cook my own food at midnight.
  • That sucking action that occurs near your wallet!
  • You never feel settled. I like to feel settled. At least for a while.

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