• Y'know...I've never made a smore before...or sat around a campfire. Depressing. Anyways, I don't know. I miss the road trips. I'd lay in the back of the car with my headphones on and just stare at the clouds as we drove for hours. It was relaxing.
  • Honestly all my memories with my dad. He would take me to the beach and was always spending time reading to me and just being involved. He died when I was 10. Those first 10 years or I should say the years I can remember were wonderful. :)
  • I miss not having to pay for the whole trip. I still do all the above you mentioned. My favorite prank would be throwing a handful of blackcats in the campfire and watch everyone scatter as they think we are under attack. A full beer can serves the same purpose.
  • We used to go to Grandma's cabin, at the Lake of the Ozarks, exploring in the woods, I could get lost for hours.
  • Playing all day with my neighborhood friends- baseball, swimming, riding bikes, kickball, getting ice cream.
  • Staying out late to play under the streetlights.
  • I still do all the things you mentioned above just on weekends or whenever. But the thing i miss is just BEING on vacation. Before there was a job to worry about and people depending on me. I just want to sleep in on a Monday and have nothing to do but be lazy. Those were the good ol days!
  • Our family didn't go away on vacation much. Once to Wildwood, NJ and a few times to visit family in Mass. Swimming in the ocean and pools, playing summer baseball, summer rec program and hanging out with friends is what I miss most.
  • Just being free, free from everything and not worrying about bills or a job or anything like that.
  • We didn't go on family vacations much except to see family in Ohio, so my best memory there is catching fire flies. Now my girlfriend's family took me with them on their yacht when I was a teenager...those are some darn good memories!
  • Feeling a truthful and unique happiness inside of me
  • My parents were teachers and we had a summer home on a lake. I miss hanging out at the lake, boating and water skiing. Having campfires and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.
  • I still do all of that stuff, but now I'm the one that has to pay for it! lol! So I guess it's the "free" part.
  • less worry, less bills, and less concern for the petty parts of life.
  • I don't think it was a place, more like just the free feeling. No cares, no worries. Just go on vacation!!!
  • fishing with my grandma, ice cream with my grandpa , and going barefoot everywhere!!!- i didnt go on vacations when i was little - i was dropped off at the grandparents while my mom and dad went on vacation

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