• when i say excuse me and they look at me, then look away and dont move their trolly. i think my exact reply to the look away was 'igrorant fucking asshole'
  • When they are in line in front of you, and realize they forgot something. So they leave their kids to go get the item and then everyone has to wait for them to come back.
  • There will be plenty of room in an aisle for the person and their cart, yet the person will insist on going through the lane I am standing in.
  • When they subtlety try to get in front of you in line. You know...when they try to put their groceries ahead of yours.
  • When you're at check out, you get an old lady counting coupons and change, and not moving an inch so you can gt your stuff going. I hate that.
  • Mostly, just people that dont pay attention to their cart or their kids!! The cart in the middle of the aisle thing is SO annoying. Like, HELLOOOO there are other people in this world besides you! lol
  • when they seem to be on a go slow, and couldnt give a toss how long they take, to pack and pay
  • OMGosh!!! I hate it when you're at the cash registar and the person behind you stands too close to you. I hate it cause they have absolutely no idea of personal space!
  • Damn people who don't realize that there are other people in the aisles. And I'm always careful to try and be courteous and leave room for people, why can't they do the same to me? Also, old people generally piss me off. I'm certainly not going to force them or assume that they should move faster, either in the lanes or at the checkout, I can be patient and smile at the same time, but when you think you have all rights of passage and that I should bow down to you every single time without question just because you're older than me, fuck you.
  • the ones that sit an gab about there sick fuckin mother whos losing her hair' an i don't care' an there smart little brat kids that are so fuckin special' an then the ones that don't have a fuckin pen to write the check thats probably hot. ok im better now'
  • When I am stepping in the EXPRESS LANE...(10 items or less) And some hoebag has a cart full of groceries! Arrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh!
  • i have said it before and i will say it again... the people with a cart full that don't let the person with one item cut☺
  • aisle crammers ahhhhhh
  • People who walk down the middle of isle! And then don't move it's obvious they see you!
  • People that take 5 minutes to make a 20 second payment. Granny Molasses that needs to write a check and then inspects all the merchandise versus the receipt and the person that needs to fumble through her purse to get every penny and dime to pay the bill whilst she takes 5000 years to do this.
  • It's not the people shopping there that pisses me off, it's the store itself. The Walmart closest to my house is open 24 hours, and since I wake up and go straight to work in the morning , then don't get off until 9:15 at the earliest, I don't have much of a choice as to where I shop at. Walmart is still relatively busy at night, but for some god damn reason, they still only keep 2-3 lanes open. So the lines are backed up into the woman's clothing department... but it's not like they don't have any other employees there. Last time I went I stood in line for atleast 10 minutes, then when I was going outside there were literally 9 employees all pushing the same line of carts toward the store.
  • People who Q up and then realise they forgot something so they go off and get lost in the supermarket for like 20hrs
  • Since I work in a grocery store, I would say people that think they don't have to show me the same courtesy that they would show someone else. The next time someone ignores my "Excuse me sir, can I sneak through?" they are getting run by a powered pallet jack.
  • Slow walkers. Move it along, people! :)
  • Crackheads stealing Chore Boy.
  • Crowded aisles with people who have all day to look around, can't decide what they want or take minutes to read the food nutrition labels.
  • I don't like the current trend of self check outs. The store will ony have 1 or 2 registers open out of 6 or 8 available. Those registers will have lines at them waiting to check out because the store wants me to go thru their self checkout and bag my own groceries too. They don't even offer a discount for saving them the wages of a cashier and bagger.
  • nothing, i dont worry about what other people are doing
  • nothing, i dont worry about what other people are doing

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