• Well, seeing as I'm lactose intolerant, and therefore drink no milk at all, I would have to say yes.
  • nowhere near i'm quite sure. the taste of that stuff usually makes me gag :/
  • Almost a gallon of lowfat milk every ten days, give or take, so I'd say yes.
  • NO NO! Soy milk is the way to go! ^_^
  • Nope! I hate milk.
  • No matter how much I drink , I can never get enough. I LOVE milk ! It does a body good ! ;-)
  • No, I can't drink milk as I'm lactose intolerant. But I do take a calicium replacement. Strong bones from a bottle. lol
  • I drink a pint everyday.:-)+
  • Definitely not. Most of the milk I consume comes in the form of 1/2 and 1/2.
  • Milk is baby food, and entire nationalities drink virtually none, so it obviously contains nothing that adults can't get from other sources. Therefore the answer from any adult should be "yes," no matter how much or how little they drink, unless they know they aren't getting enough of some nutrient or other. It's a convenient but calorific way of getting vitamin D, which in any case is artificial and added, so I just take mine in pills. Most women don't get enough calcium, so milk would be good for them. Most Americans get more protein than they need, so if that's why they're drinking it they can stop. However, in a surprisingly high percentage of people, daily milk drinking is associated with something you'd never suspect given its high calorie content--weight loss.
  • enough? i think this is a misconception. do your research and you will see that humans are the only mammals that do not ween themselves. while milk is used for culinary purposes and some like it for drinking, it is not a health food anymore than beef or french fries. drinking milk will not help your body or bones. if you want calcium then get it where the cows got it and eat your green leafy vegetables. ever wonder why american and westernized countries who guzzle milk have the highest rates of osteoporosis, yet african and asian cultures that do not drink milk and get far less protien do just fine??? think about it or read a report by John McDougal MD
  • I drink a lot of it!! I'm always afraid I drink too much!
  • I love milk, but I know I should drink more. I do have some every day, as well as yogurt and cheese several times a week. And I take calcium supplements daily. But, I'm getting older and osteoporosis and spinal stenosis runs in my family, so I know I need to do better.
  • I don't drink milk
  • nope, i don't drink milk because i hate the way it tastes.
  • I cannot tolerate the taste of milk (unless it's milk and cookies) but I eat plenty of cheese to compensate.
  • No, I don't drink any milk. Never cared for the stuff :)
  • Enough? Who knows...but I do drink milk. I prefer yogurt and cheese better, though.
  • probably to much
  • um, no, i rarely drink milk nowadays... why? cause I heard it gives you pimples. I don't know if it's true though. But I get calcium from other foods, anyway.
  • For sure .. like seriously i just about live on it :)
  • No I am not a fan of milk! :)
  • I don't drink any, so I doubt it :)
  • I can't remember the last time I had any milk....I use it to make french toast, if that counts...
  • Nope. I'm not a great fan of milk. I tend to drink it only if i have tea, cereal, milkshake or other things that need milk. I don't like drinking it on its own. I remember being made to drink it when i was at school and it wasn't a nice experience. I do drink soya milk nonetheless.
  • No, I do not. I don't like milk at all... and the only time that I actually drink it is when I'm eating cookies or something that makes you actually thirsty for milk. Skim milk is the only kind I'll drink too. I'm picky. But I used to LOVE milk when I was younger. Is that weird? I'll also drink chocolate milk occasionally too.

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