• While I did not flag your original question, I am familiar with your tatic of re-asking your rejected questions. If you really want to know why it was rejected - contact AB via feedback or respond to the e-mail they sent you when they rejected it. AB staff will not respond to you via an answer, as I am sure you already know.
  • They have responded to me in threads before. Personally, I wouldnt fight that one, but , I understand, you want a reason. Someone probably found it offensive. Take it to the He will respond, when he finds the time, sometimes, you can have a question reinstated, if it is a contribution to the site, it has happened before. If it were mine, I would let it set, but, we are all different, and that is up to you, either way, there you go, I hope this helped:)
  • Sphincter Man, fer sure.
  • Oops, forgot to provide the link:
  • Some people don't appreciate toilet humour very much. I would simply not respond to such a question, however.... I'm don't take offence to things like that so easily. I don't think i would ever give something like that a positive rating however... Like i said, i'd just ignore it altogether.
  • maybe cause of the word you used

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