• Generally, the man's face is not in the camera shot. Other parts are, but not the face.
  • I believe it's because most of the guys who are watching are just average (or below average) guys anyway, and they can relate and live vicariously through these male characters. Keep in mind that most porn is made BY men, FOR men. Women porn directors often try to balance this by introducing succulent male actors to go along with the ladies. But also notice that most male porn actors have big schlongs. This is still for the "average" male viewer to live vicariously but also imagine himself as being more well-endowed.
  • Good question I've always ask that myself. But i'm guessing 'cause some of cute guys they don't have it that cute down there lol! j/k I Don't know!
  • Because the male talent in straight porn is limited to well-endowed men who can ejaculate on command while being filmed in from several onlookers. There is a limited number of men who match this criteria so looks don't factor into it too much. Since porn mostly caters toward straight men, the focus is more on the actress.
  • G'day Karl M, Thank you for your question. Male porn stars are judged on whether they have a big dick and keep it erect during the movie. Looks are a secondary consideration. I suspect that in gay porn the guys are better looking. In straight porn, the guys are focussing on the actresses. Regards

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