• yes i would love to travel across Europe.
  • I have done that, albeit only for a few hours. From Hong Kong, I took a one-hour ferry ride to Macau. All I had then were a backpack, my passport and some money. I was all alone, nobody else there to take my pictures, so I had to take my OWN pictures. Of course, all of them had poor quality because of that lol! I had no reservations when I went there, because I only intended to stay for three or four hours. After my brief stay there, I returned to Hong Kong.
  • I don't think so.
  • I'd be too lonely... I'd rather have company
  • risky...probably not. id need at least one more person
  • I would like to go to Hong Kong like that. I could get a room in a cheap hotel. I am too old to do that now. But it would still be fun if I could manage to leave for a week. I would like to stay on a chinese boat in the harbor. a live aboard. and melt into a chinese family.
  • No, for I have no desire to go to a foreign country. It would break my 500 mile rule.
  • Yes! However, as Shiloh stated it would be rather lonely and it would be fun to share the experience with another but it would almost be exhilerating and a test for your own self. I would certainly miss people-I imagine I would learn more about myself as well due to much 'travel thinking time' and of course of the other cultures! Cash would seemingly be necessary though because nothing like being stuck without 'moolah'$ in a foreign place...eek.~Really interesting question. I think it would be scarier in fact and a 'true test' if it was a culture you knew nothing of yet. I love to travel-the world is beautiful. :o)
  • I would LOVE to do that! Even if I couldn't go abroad, in my own country! :D I am a huge fan of adventure, and honestly, I would prefer to be alone, or with a lover.
  • long as that country is not in war or quarantine from infectious diseases then yup yup!
  • I would but I never had. I have flown into a country before with no prior plans but I had more than my backpack.
  • I have and would love to again. Had a fantastic time.
  • Yep - done it, loved it. I think it leads to the most memorable travel experience. Good luck! Im excited for you. ( and a little bit envious).
  • Yes I have done, on quite a few occasions. I went to France with only a bag of clothes and not much else. I travelled throughout Europe doing this for a number of years, and I loved the lifestyle. You do have to be careful though, as long as you know what you are getting into you should be okay. The only problem with this is it could get expensive if you don't plan ahead, unless you don`t mind roughing it. Have fun and good luck!
  • This would be a great alternative to suicide. It would probably last a day before I was robbed and murdered.
  • not a big fan of homeless because i have been there and know that it sucks!... i can imagine it would be even worse in a country where i don't know too many people... I could but i probably will not☺

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