• What you claim is a serious violation of law in most nations. You should report the act to the police, and also inform the telephone authority as they will be able to inform you if your telephone is still being tapped.
  • I'm going to address this in sections, because really it's complicated. Phone-You moved away, chances are you should be fine. Generally home (not govt.) phone taps rely on tapping individual lines and the taper generally needs to be in close contact for it to happen. In other words, you should be fine. To be safe MOST (not all, do not quote me on this.) home phone taps give away 'signals'. A small echo, a pause in between the dial tone when you pick up the phone. Govt taps don't do this, but most home rigged jobs do. (There have also been cases of people getting light shocks during storms or the like because of a tap.) Computer-This is a little more tricky. Depending on how it was being monitored in the first place, it could either be a local job (meaning all stored on your HDD), or more likely, it could be being transfered online. Now if I was going to be doing some heavy duty monitoring, I'd have chosen a keylogger to do the job. It's quick, effective, and it generally works. To check if you have anything on your computer, here's what I would do. Download some good anti virus/anti spyware. My list is: Spybot search and destroy Adaware pro Kaspersky NOD32 Trojan remover pro spyware doctor I know this is a big list, I'd say pick a few good ones. (For just general scanning I go with adaware, spybot, and NOD32). Boot into safemode, and run the scanner of your choice. Remove anything they find. There is no real Sure thing here, but 99.99% of whatever he might of used will be caught here.

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