• In the middle.....just dig half way!
  • About 4000 miles straight down.
  • Between you and China, straight through the earth.
  • If you drew a huge circle on some construction paper and pointed right to the center of it... That's where it is!
  • In the middle.
  • The center of the earth is the place called Tilla Jogian,near the city of Jehlem,Pakistan.
  • 1) According to some Islamic rhetoric, the Holy Kabba in Mecca is the center of the Earth: "If we look at the location of the Arab plate in the one million years ago ( the part which is represented by dots) in ( figure 6) , we will find that it has moved a little northwards taking into consideration the movement of the far plates; it moved around counterclockwise. We can conclude that the Arabian plate in the last million years ( before creating the human being ) and at the present time took a mid position among the earth plates – these plates encompass it (figure-6) During her long time journey , the Arabian plate didn't cover along distance as it is the center of the circulation movement, it has moved within the shorter diameter. So it is clear that the Arabian plate is center of the earth plates ,and everywhere it goes , it is followed by the other plates going round it regularly , each plate keeps its constant direction towards the Arabian plate . It is well-established that Mecca where the Moslem Kabba lies is in the Arabian plate (figure -7) Now , if we use the same approach applied on the Arabian plate , we can say that every thing on and in the earth directs its face to Mecca where the Moslem Kabba lies , this system will go on , according to God's will , to a certain time assigned by God , this accurate unwavering system can't be out of a chance ; it is a supernatural power that made it and is still keeping it going on – that is God , who rose the heavens with unseen pillars . [...] So , now , since everything directs its face towards the Holy Mecca , and that the Holy Kabba is the center of Mecca , we can assuredly and scientifically say that Kabba is the center of the earth and that everything on or under it directs its face towards it in complete submissiveness and piety " Source and further information: 2) "The earth is an oblate (flattened) sphereoid, therefore the points nearest the center are the poles. Also, any points on the ocean at the same latitude as each other are equadistant from the center of the earth. what point is "directly above" the center? Since the center is the center, every point on earth's surface is directly above it. All sorts of civilizations have historically claimed to be located at the center of the Earth... No they didn't. Many did claim to be at the center of the universe, though." Source and further information: 3) "It's tricky finding the center of a giant, squishy object, scientists say. "By its very nature, Earth's reference frame is moderately uncertain no matter how it is defined," said Donald Argus of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. “The problem is very much akin to measuring the center of mass of a glob of Jell-O, because Earth is constantly changing shape due to tectonic and climatic forces." If Earth were a completely solid, perfectly round object, finding its center of mass would be sweet and simple. However, as first proposed by Isaac Newton, our planet is not perfectly round. Now scientists know Earth is somewhat of a “buckled” sphere in which the midsection bulges outward. And because mass is distributed unevenly across its surface (more mass means more gravitational tug), the point around which the planet is balanced is offset from the actual center of Earth. Plus, mass doesn’t stay put, but instead changes over time as glaciers melt, tectonic plates move and volcanoes empty out to lay massive lava on Earth’s surface. These changes in mass atop and beneath Earth’s surface cause the center of mass to shift slightly over time. Accurate measure Argus developed the new center-finding technique to find the mass center of Earth as a single object, which can estimate Earth’s center of mass to within 0.04 inches a year. The center of mass is calculated as a relative measurement, and so the measurement is given as a velocity. Past estimates calculated the center of the whole Earth system, resulting in the 2000 and 2005 estimates differing by about 0.07 inches a year." Source and further information:
  • In the creamy center.
  • Huh, probably somewhere near the middle somewhere. Maybe, I guess, hell, I don't know, I've never been there so I don't really know. But I would still say somewhere near the middle. :-)I guess, I don't know, it's somewhere.
  • Down a bit, left a bit, right a bit, spin round 3 times and do a flip... that's how I found it :)
  • Oklahoma
  • Since the earth is a sphere it is just about 4000 miles below your foot.
  • Is this a trick question?
  • I learned it in public school this year. Somewhere in Missouri! Here, let me show you! :-)
  • The center of the Earth, in fact, the center of the entire universe is wherever I happen to be at the moment. It's true, at least as far as I'm concerned.
  • Right smack dab in the middle. Half way between San Fransisco and China! Where the Sleastack and chaka live.
  • There is no real center the Earth as it spins controts which means the center is always in a different place.

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