• Please clarify what you mean. Those shows have to do with men and in some cases women who have a penchant for young underage boys and girls. Once someone is of legal age it becomes their choice if they want to be in a sexual relationship with someone old enough to be their parent
  • I think they should hire snipers to shoot the pedophiles the moment they enter the home! Sorry, just my opinion. Yes...these guys are showing up EXPECTING to meet a child.
  • I could take it or leave when it was first on, but when they screwed up and the one guy killed himself, it was too far. He HAD chatted online with someone, but wouldn't meet him. They needed good tv, so they decided that the chat was enough to bust him and ruin his life, he was a prosecutor, and well known man in his county in Texas. When the police knocked on his door, with tons of cameras outside, SWAT team, etc (lots of hoopla for the tv folk), he went into his bedroom and shot himself. So much for reality tv.

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