• Nope, I just leave them as they are. Unless of course I have the radio cranked, then I turn it down so I don't mess myself the next time I get in and start it up.
  • I once heard that if you turn off the AC and then the car, it will help the AC compressor have a longer life. But, an AC technician told me that there is no evidence. It seems to be like an urban legend. People keep passing along a "fact" and after a while it becomes a real fact...but only in their minds.
  • No I always forget haha! Especially my lights lol! The reason is I dont have a brain most times I get out of my car!
  • i turn off the radio but not the ac, its a dumb habit
  • I do and I'm really not sure why. It's just a habit.
  • Yes. The car radio usually is automatically shut off with the turn of the ignition switch. A cars air conditioner is another story. if the ac is not manually turned off first, the clutch on the compressor will stay engaged. this can cause future problems with the compressor and no cold air. It takes two seconds to turn off these two items and could be well worth it, moneywise, in the long run.
  • no. why? mmmm never thought about it
  • Yes I turn off everything. Why? Because having everything on when you go to start the car puts increased strain on the battery. Starting an engine (the starter) takes a good deal of power to turn the engine over to get going. Once the engine is on then the power comes from the alternator not the battery.
    • Thinker
      All electrical power comes from the battery in an automobile, the charging unit, alternator or generator, is used to charge the battery only.
  • I always turn my AC off..and seat heaters. Just a habit
  • I usually just shut off my car.
  • I turn everything off before I start my car. The AC adds an additional drag on the engine while it starts.
  • I often turn my radio off when pulling into a driveway. I really don't know why I do it.
  • I turn off the air or heated seats, but just turn the radio down. I do it because the weather may be different the next time I get in the car, but I'll still want the radio on...but not as cranked as it ends up after driving a while.
  • So then when you get back in the car you can adjust everything to they way you like it at the time... i do that kind of thing to make sure that i grabbed everything i needed to before i go inside.
  • I turn the car off, shove it in reverse, and put the parking break on.
  • I turn the air off because I may not want it on when I next get in. I only turn the radio off when I know I won't be going anywhere for the rest of the day so if someone needs to move my car to get out of the driveway they wont get blasted with music when they turn the car on (if I left it turned up) and so my music (cd's) will start off right where I left them.
  • No, but I do try to remember to turn the radio down.
  • Turning the A/C off about 1-2mins before shutting off the car helps prevent condensation buildup. I usually remember to do this so it's off just before I arrive. The radio I shut off 99% of the time and as for the fan I just turn it to 'barely on'. Why? Personal preference, the humidity issue mentioned above, and common courtesy should someone else use the car next.
  • I turn off everything before shutting off the car. My father told me this is a wise practice.
  • I turn off the radio and the AC before I get out. I deal with a lot of rental cars and it's standard procedure to do that. I do it by habit now.
  • When I remember to I do. It's to prevent a sudden surge and drain on the battery when you start the car. Depending on the condition of your battery, that surge may not be good for it coming all at once, especially if the car has not been used for a while.
  • No, modern cars do not have a problem starting with accessories on. There is actually a built in delay before the radio or fans come on when you start your car.
  • Right before I get out of my car, I'll turn the A/C off and turn the radio down so it doesn't scare the crap out of me when I get in the car next, LOL. Also, I hear it's better for the car to turn the heater and/or A/C off BEFORE turning the car off.....but I have no idea why or if it's true, lol.
  • radio i turn down cause I always have it blaring a/c or heat gets shut off why? hell if I know
  • no, i just put in park and make sure my windows are cracked, i do have vent visors. i never turn off so it is ready to go when i am.
  • I turn off the A/C.
  • Yes, I turn off all of that stuff. The biggest strain on a battery is the start. Having all those things on at the start causes even more strain. I need a new battery.
  • The AC should be turned off a few min before you shut your car off but leave the blower on till just before you turn off the car just to help dry off your evaporator and reduce a mildew smell in the humid weather.
  • I rarely if ever use the ac, the radio and heater run with the ignition it doesn't matter the heater fan and radio are on when I restart the battery has that much capacity it starts. every time.

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