• Manx have no favourite food as a breed. Cats are cats, and can be d@mn fussy eaters. Even a cat that has been happy to eat whatever you give her will suddenly decide only to eat one food from only one manufacturer until, several weeks later when you have bought hundreds of kilos of the food on sale, it decides it hates that food and never wants to eat it again! The best thing is to feed your cats a variety of good quality foods and watch which ones they prefer. Once you know they like three or four different foods, buy those -- but be prepared for the day when they look at you with scorn and refuse to eat even that! One thing I have never known a healthy cat to refuse is roast chicken breast. When we have sick cats or kittens who will not eat, we feed them roast or boiled chicken breast, and 90% of the time they start eating like little vacuum cleaners!

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