• I would want to get things for my kids more than for myself.
  • Being a mother myself, i buy more stuff for my child than anything. I feel bad if i spend any money on my self. I just feel that my son needs more stuff than I.
  • Im a parent and I always put the needs of my children as my priority.Buying more stuff for my kids are also necessary for example on their clothing since this gets worn off and undersized more easily than that of adults.
  • I spend more money on nieces than anyone else come Christmas and such, so I can see me caring more about stuff for my kids, if I ever had any, than myself. I've had years to buy myself things.
  • I am a mother and no, I buy a lot more things for my girls than myself or my husband and I don't's simply part of being a parent.
  • No, this comes natural as a parent. I don't want her to be a spoiled brat, but I love for her to have nice things!
  • I do it all the time, even if i need something more than they do. I guess thats why with your own children its unconditional love.
  • I have always bought more for others than I buy for myself. I do that for for all of my family and close friends, not just my son.
  • my kids are most important to me and i get great pleasure out of shopping, so buying for my children before my self is a pleasure not a problem

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