• 1. I am sorry that occurred to you. 2. There are many reasons that discrimination occur. Stereotypes are hard to change and sometimes take generations or centuries. Also, if a stereotype is starting to fade, it is easier to revive it than to extinguish it. If a female reinforces the stereotype, or when people encounter things like this and many other things. Also, I bet that a lot of people are mostly joking when they gender discriminate; they are trying to be funny and fail to see how offensive it could potentially become. 3. Equality is not that much to ask; as time progresses, equality gets nearer and nearer (for the most part). The world is not racially equal either, but it has come a long way. There's still a lot of work to be done and it can't happen overnight, but I'm sure that you'll find that for every discriminatory person out there, there are a dozen good people. A century ago, you'd be lucky to find one person out of ten who doesn't discriminate.
  • All forms of discrimination are alive and well. Never underestimate the persistence of ignorance, bigotry, hatred, fear, or greed. Its like cat pee in a carpet -- you can rub and scrub and buy all the chemicals you want, but its just a very stubborn stain. The good news is that you don't have to wait for the ignorant to all die off. If your self-respect is intact and you stand up for yourself, you're striking a blow for freedom every day. That's all anybody can ask for.
  • People must never rest on their laurels. Freedom from discrimination can be won legally and in the public at large, but it's not necessarily going to be a permanent victory. "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." That is something that is true for all freedoms, women's freedom for self-determination and freedom from discrimination are included.
  • Discrimination goes all ways in every direction. It stinks when you're on the receiving end. The best way to change it though is through your own self conduct. When you get upset and huffy, they've won by upsetting you and it reinforces in their minds that their ideas are true. And many women think men are inferior so I don't think this is strictly a women discrimination factor. If you work hard, you may even be able to change their perspectives. I was the only girl in most of my computer classes, and the youngest by ten years as well. They had their assumptions about how I would do. I worked hard though and stayed with the others step for step and you know what, they respected me for it and weren't so quick to judge someone the next time.
  • Now a day i tend to think that man who discriminate against women are totally scared. they are beginning to see that we woman can do anything they can while they cannot do what we do. they feel threatened by us and that is sad because we're not trying to outsmart them we were just built to do what they can do and do our own thing...dont worry about feel proud of being who you are. if it was a women who discriminated against you that she must be hating....LOL JUST JOKING, FEEL BETTER
  • It is possible, because such people have been raised indoctrinated into this belief. They have never questioned it. It is simply social tradition. They would describe it as, "the way things are." Unfortunately, bigotry is passed down from generation to generation like a proud, treasured heirloom. It takes effort to get rid of it, as children are given it long before they are applying critical thinking to the information they are taught. Not only that, but it feels GOOD to think that you are superior. Many ground their self-esteem in such beliefs, rather than in their abilities. Any challenge to such a belief challenges the person’s sense of self. It isn’t easy to uproot such a belief.
  • Women are not inferior. There should never be a gender who is more superior or more inferior than the other. We should always treat each other with RESPECT and look at everyone with EQUALITY.
  • Were you applying for a job? Many people have personal beliefs.. Their personal beliefs shouldn't be discriminated against either.. You shouldn't cry 'discrimination' when you are discriminating.. "How is it possible that people are still ignorant enough to believe..." Ignorant: lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated. lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular ------------------ I was ignorant on the subject of astronomy.. ----------------- He was ignorant to road rules. ---------------- He was ignorant to National Policies. --------------- Why are you so ignorant and unsophisticated that you have to be rude? ------------------- Gender roles versus Gender at Birth... ------------------- How does a physician treat a woman for testicular cancer when she put 'female' down on her doctor appointment check in sheet? Because if the doctor acknowledges that she is a he, that is biasness and not addressing her in the proper pronoun.. Because physicians can't perform any kind of testicular operation on a female since that is not possible.. But the doctor may be 'ignorant' on gender qualities... If it has something to do with pay per output in jobs, then you might want to see what the expected output for the pay, is... 100 barrels of wine for 100 dollars.. 50 barrels of wine for 50 dollars. 10 hours of work for 100 dollars. 5 hours of work for 50 dollars. What output is expected within those set of hours?? Or is it just to be there in case something needs to be done?? Same pay per hour? Then same work load per hour.. We need to remember, testosterone is burnt into fuel.. Estrogen isn't.. That is why men sweat and women glisten/perspire.. I've never once seen a woman sweat buckets..
  • A reverse of gender discrimination: I was told today that I was not doing my male duties... If a woman should ever laugh at a male for being 'sissy' like, that is gender discrimination. Such concerns with 'political correctness' only brings decay rather than health and strength.. Why, if doing the dishes is a female job, do you only see men for dishwashers in restaurants? Because the output needed is greater in the restaurants than in private dwellings.. Also, if cleaning the home is a female job, why are janitors mostly males? And if women enjoy flowers more than males, why are there only a few female landscapers? A constant need for constant physical energy spent leading to more physical output per hour. Dishes are counted physically, rooms/halls/bathrooms cleaned are counted physically, land area is counted physically. Paper work may not be counted physically but more computer entried wise.. Besides, Adam was made to sweat for his food after he did what God told him not do.. Eve had to suffer child bearing pains.. I thank God that HE is not a pushover...
  • I've never wanted to be equal to a man. They scratch their nuts and their ass in public even! And they burp and fart a lot no thank you! I want to be treated fairly but not like a man I'm a woman and I want to be treated like one.
  • When people are "in your face" about a cause, it tends to generate negative reactions. You can't force yourself onto someone else. This is one of the big issues surrounding "respect". You hear blacks say things all the time about being "disrespected" and it often triggers violent reactions. But "respect" only comes to those who earn it.
  • Much depends on how and where people were raised. There is also a knee-jerk fear on the part of some men regarding having to compete with women when they already have to compete with other men. The fight for real legal equality is still relatively new in the world; women suffered legal and other disabilities for millennia, so we're not going to get past that soon. Attitudes are still too entrenched, and it's going to take a while to change them fully, though I'm happy to say that much really has changed for the better. Hang in there.
  • Equality is too much to ask when you demand it, but do not wish to prove it. When you expect equality, but only when it suits you, and never when it is inconvenient. When 'equality' is really just feminazi codespeak for 'superiority'. It has been said that the 3rd Wave feminists wanted the power of men, the privileges of women, and the responsibilities of neither. The 4th Wave has taken this even farther. Their advocacy of women's rights on the basis of equality has never been about such equitability, but always focused on women getting the best possible deal at the lowest possible cost, and preferably with the greatest negative impact to men. They pine for misandry without misogyny, equal pay without equal work/effort, and equality without any of those nasty disadvantages that come with it....that is, they desperately want that summum bonum the 2nd Wavers always lusted after....the all-purpose, good in any situation, guaranteed a winning hand, lifetime 'pussy pass'.
    • Linda Joy
      My mom just wanted to feed the 7 girls she had (and not alone I might add) because the men who impregnated her chose not to support them. One of them worked at the state prison and was not forced to pay child sport at the time because back then women weren't supposed to get divorced, no matter how badly they were beaten, or chased around the kitchen table with a butcher knife! You don't know anything about equal rights for women or the struggle to get where we are now. And the only reason there is such a thing as a 'pussy pass' is because men are led by their dicks.
  • sorry for you if you were treated disrespectful ...all i want is respect and to be treated like a female nice having men give up their seat for me or open a door etc. i really feel for how some men are treated today ..adds on TV even can dumb them down ..
  • When are women going to get it through their heads that the sexes were not created equal? The more they try to push against the unnatural law of "equality", the more there will be resistance.

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