• The information you heard was incorrect. There is no such method of "traffic ticket dismissal". Traffic tickets stay on your record and are used by insurance companies, by the department of motor vehicles, and by the police as a record of your driving history. The only way to have a ticket "dismissed" is to fight it in court and to be found not guilty. If you cannot successfully contest a ticket before a judge, the offense is recorded as part of your driving history.
  • This question has come up many times on AB. There is no course or school to go to to get traffic tickets removed from your driving history. Traffic tickets can be fought in court, and if found not guilty, they are not entered into your history. There is no other method of 'erasing' a traffic ticket.
  • it is definitely possible. visit for more details
  • Depends on whether or not you were convicted. If convicted, you may file for an expungement, but you probably won’t be successful. Technically, you will be filing an appeal. If not convicted and the trial is pending, I’d recommend taking your driving record and plead no contest. All assuming you have a clean record prior. Usually, you can ask for forgiveness and be referred to the court imposed traffic school with a probationary period. It goes a long way to have your record with you and dress appropriately. Here is the Wikipedia detail, which lists states’ rules: PS: The online traffic courses are a waste of money in this case.
  • your traffic ticket can't be removed, the only thing that will happen is that the points may not be added to your license. As for insurance discount, it depends on the firm you've bougt insurance from, some companies do not raise your premium if you show them a traffic school completion certificate. You can have a look at this online traffic school's website link for more info In any case do check with your court before enrolling in one.

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